Kazakhstan International Motorcycle Shipping Companies

Here’s our recommended motorcycle shipping companies for Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan Motorcycle Rental and Tour Companies

LOXX Pan Europa GmbH

We have organised motorcycle transport to and from Mongolia for over 25 years and have now successfully implemented Central Asia as well. Your needs are solved with our experience”

Business: International motorcycle freight forwarder specialising in Europe, Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia with specialised transport services for Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.  

Ships to: Specialises in shipping motorcycles from anywhere in Europe to and from Central Asia and Mongolia. Loxx Pan Europa is able to collect/deliver from all over Europe and EFTA countries and transport your motorcycle to Asia. 


  • Primarily transit by road (truck), but are also able to organise full container loads by railway or sea as well. 


LOXX Pan Europa Motorcycle Shipping

Pleidelsheim, Germany


Fabian Klassen

+49 7144 99 81 704



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4 thoughts on “Kazakhstan International Motorcycle Shipping Companies”

  1. We have 4 motorcycles in Athens and would like ship them to Uzbekistan, do you have that service?
    Herbert von Breymann

    • Hi Herbert, please contact the company listed on this page directly. Their website, email and phone number are listed above. Fabian from Loxx will be more than happy to help you. Tell him Andy from Mad or Nomad sent you 🙂

  2. Dear Sirs

    We have 4 motorcycles in Athen Greece, and would like to ship them to Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan, we want to avoid crossing through Turkie , Azerbaijan and other countries. We want to pick up our bikes in Kazakhstan and continue our journey .
    If you can help us about information about a logistics company that can do this job, I would be very grateful.

    • Hi Herbert, I replied to your last comment above with the same question? Perhaps you didn’t see it. Either way, please contact Pan Europa directly. Their contact details are listed on this page. Fabian’s email address is: fabian.klassen@pan-europa.de
      He does offer this service and i’m sure he’ll be able to sort this transportation for you.


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