Italy Motorcycle Rentals and Tours

Here’s our recommended motorcycle rental and tour companies for Italy.

Italy Motorcycle Rental and Tour Companies

Hear the Road – Motorcycle Tours Italy 

“We are a boutique touring company providing exhilarating and authentic vacations in heart-warming Italy. The company is owned and operated by long-time motorcycle enthusiast, Enrico Grassi.”

Services: Guided, self guided and tailor made tours in Italy.    

Touring bikes: A wide range of Ducati, BMW, Moto Guzzi and Harley-Davidson motorcycles on offer.

Tour prices: Prices vary depending on the duration and type of tour. Check their website for loads more info. 

Insurance: Included. A deposit is required for damage, theft and fire which is your maximum liability. 

Kit availability: Helmets and jacket for 5 Euros per day. 

Fact File

Hear the Road Motorcycle Tours Italy


   Enrico Grassi

Office: +39 0761 1919820 / Mobile: +39 393 0403260


Tuscany Motorcycle Tours

“We are a local company of passionate motorcyclists. We love to show our wonderful towns, world-famous countryside and our exciting roads. Discovering Tuscany on a motorcycle is a must for every biker!”

Services: Guided and self guided tours in Tuscany in English, Spanish, French and Italian.  

Rental bikes: A selection of brand new bikes from Ducati, BMW, Moto Guzzi and Harley-Davidson.  

Rental prices: From £60 – £200 per day dependent on the model.

Tour prices: From £300 (including bike) for one-day to £2,335 (including bike) for one-week.

Insurance: Third party insurance is included. Additional insurance is extra. 

Kit availability: Helmets, gloves, jacket and a t-shirt are included. 

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Tuscany motorcycle tours Italy rental company

 Florence, Italy


0039 375 60 50 154


Moto Tours Europe / Adventure Roads

Italy, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech, Poland, Spain, Albania, Bosnia, Montenegro, France

We provide the best motorcycle tour and lifetime experiences. Our clients’ testimonials say it all, our guides are professionals, the bikes are always in impeccable condition and our places to stay are handpicked and authentic.”

Services: Guided motorcycle tours and motorcycle rental services throughout Europe (including cross border rentals).

Rental bikes: Adventure tourers including the BMW GS range as well as Honda, Suzuki and KTM models.

Rental prices: You can find an exact list of rental prices on their rental page. Expect prices to start from €85 per day.

Tour prices: Tour prices vary depending on the tour and duration. But expect a range between €2,500 for a 6-day tour per rider to €7,800 for a 15 or 16-day tour. You can find more details on their tour page.

Insurance: Basic (third party liability insurance) is included and the deductible differs between bike models. Riders can also opt for additional insurance that will lower the deductible.

Kit availability: Yes, offered on request.

Fact File

Moto Tours Europe

  London, UK

Miljenko Kralj

+44 20 3318 1431

Italy on Motorbike

“We are a tour operator organizing ready-to-go and custom-made motorcycle tours in Italy. We don’t have our own fleet but partner with all major motorcycle rental companies to offer our customers a complete service. This allows us to offer a vast range of models and brands wherever you want to ride in Italy”

Services: Guided and self-guided motorcycle tours throughout the whole of Italy. Italy on Motorbike offer both road and off-road/enduro tours and they can provide the bike or you can bring your own. 

Rental bikes: Italy on Motorbike partner with different rental firms throughout the country. So there’s a vast range of bikes on offer. 

Tour prices: There are three different tour packages (guided, self-guided and trail guided) to choose from (and a separate fourth tailor-made package). Each package has a variety of options and tour locations to choose from, check the website for more detailed info and prices for each one. 

Insurance: Insurance is included. 

Kit availability: Kit can be provided. 

Fact File

  Based all over Italy

   Gerasimo Coroneos

tel: +39 0541 942636
mob: +39 348 5161891


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2 thoughts on “Italy Motorcycle Rental and Tour Companies”

  1. I will be in Italy in May 2020, starting with a stay in Positano for a few days.
    following that I would like to rent a motorcycle (a HD Road Glide is my daily ride, but I do not need a Harley for this trip) for a trip to Alberobello and Bari.
    Questions: (1). where, city, would I need to go to pick up a motorcycle? (2) could you plan an interesting lientery for a 5-7 day trip that would include Alberobello and Bari? (3) could you provide me with a generalized price range that is NON-binding?
    Toronto, ON Canada

    • Hi Thomas, thanks very much for your comment!
      This page simply lists motorcycle rental and tour companies based in Italy with their contact details. Those companies don’t check this page, so you will need to contact them individually with your questions and I’m sure they’ll be happy to provide answers. Best of luck with your trip!


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