Icon Twenty Niner Motorcycle Glove Review

“The Icon Twenty Niners are a short cuff, lightweight, comfortable, leather and mesh summer riding glove – and incredible value for money.”

Icon Twenty Niner Gloves Review


  • Price: £37.33
  • Mileage tested: 4000
  • Testing conditions: Mongolia, Tajikistan, Uzbekitan Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan
  • Durability: 45
  • Fit and comfort: 45
  • Protection: 15
  • Value for money: 55
  • Contact: www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk


Icon’s Twenty Niner gloves are the ideal lightweight, hot weather gloves – perfect for Uzbekistan. I used these gloves for four months and 4000 miles through West and Central Asia. They’ve seen it all from snowy mountain tops to hot, sandy deserts and have been brilliant throughout.
Icon Twenty Niner motorcycle gloves review

They’re a very, very lightweight, soft pair of leather and mesh riding gloves. Icon say the gloves use ‘Battlehide goatskin leather’ on the palm, but the leather is thin. There’s no hard knuckle protection, but it does have a foam pad and there’s no protection on the fingers. Think of them as more like a pair of motocross gloves, with leather palms.

Icon Twenty Niner motorcycle gloves review

What’s good?

The main benefit of the Twenty Niners is how lightweight and breathable they are. When riding for hours on end through deserts and into 40C I was thankful I had them. The back of the hand is all mesh and lets air flow through, keeping my mitts cool. They fasten up with a single Velcro closure and are short cuff. The last thing I wanted on a boiling hot day is to faff around with a long cuff and tight sleeve.

Icon Twenty Niner motorcycle gloves review

What’s not?

In 4000 miles of testing the gloves have held up their end brilliantly. There are no signs of damage or wear and tear and so I can’t fault build quality. A little niggle though is the fitment, I opted for a large, and while the palm is snug the fingers are long. So, they’re definitely worth trying on first.

Icon Twenty Niner motorcycle gloves review

Round up

The Icon Twenty Niners are a short cuff, lightweight, comfortable, leather and mesh summer riding glove. They’re not suitable for winter or rain, but if you’re off on long hot rides and need a comfy pair of gloves which won’t have your hands sweating buckets then these are perfect, especially for the price.

Icon Twenty Niner Gloves Review: Total score: 1420

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Icon have discontinued the Twenty Niner. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other short-cuff gloves out there! Click the below link to have a look at what’s on offer. 

Not what you’re looking for? Never mind! 

Click here for all Icon gloves currently on the market.

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