How to ship your motorcycle to Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Here’s everything you need to know about shipping a vehicle to Cambodia, clearing customs, fees, locations and agent details

Shipping motorcycle to Cambodia
Walk through the left hand gate and turn left to get to the customs building.

Shipping your vehicle to Cambodia

In August 2019 we shipped one motorcycle from Busan, South Korea to Sihanoukville Cambodia and collected the bike in January 2020.

We shipped to Cambodia instead of Thailand and Malaysia because it is far cheaper and the bike could be left with customs for longer, with less cost than it could in other countries. Here’s the process, what you need to know and how to do it too.

International Motorcycle Shipping Companies
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Shipping from South Korea

In our case, we shipped from South Korea instead of Japan because it meant we could enter and leave Japan via RoRo and in that case without an expensive Carnet de Passage. It’s also cheaper to ship from South Korea than Japan. Here’s how to get from Japan to South Korea and here’s how to ship from South Korea. If you’re visiting either country, we suggest looking at our Japan and South Korea Destination Guides for more detailed info on paperwork and checking out our International Motorcycle Shipping Companies Finder (linked above). 

Cambodia Shipping Agent 

We used the services of Mr Lim Seang, who was extremely helpful in arranging the shipping while we were in South Korea, freeing the bike from customs in Cambodia and sorting our Cambodian Temporary Import out (a Cambodian TIP lasts 30 days – the same length as your visa on arrival).

In order to ship the bike to Cambodia, the South Koreans wanted an address in Cambodia, Mr Lim Seang gave us his personal address to use and then ECU Worldwide (the shipping company we used) arranged for his and our address to be used on the Bill of Lading.


Facebook: Lim Seang

Mr Lim Seang Cambodia shipping vehicle
The very helpful Mr Lim Seang.

Cambodia Shipping Fees

As mentioned, we chose Cambodia because it was the most relaxed on leaving our bike for an extended period of time. Once we shipped from South Korea, the bike arrived at the Sihanoukville port and was put into a custom bonded warehouse and left in its box until we arrived five months later (meaning it doesn’t need paperwork or a TIP until it’s removed from the warehouse and goes through the customs procedure).

We believe you get the first 45 days for $30 at the port without any storage charge. We were told in August that there would be a 0.1% value of the bike charge plus $3.36 a day for port charges. However, ECU emailed us to say that it would only be a $0.20 per day fee.

With shipping by sea, there are always destination port fees. Here’s what we were charged for five months:

  • ECU shipping company: $250
  • Mr Lim Seang: $30
  • Temporary Import/ storage/ port charges: $60
  • TOTAL: $340

The entire amount was payable on arrival at the port in Cambodia. The $250 fee from the shipping company was sent to us via email invoice once the bike arrived in Cambodia late August, but is only payable once we collect. We paid the entire amount to Mr Lim once we got our bike out of the warehouse.

Cambodia Shipping Procedure

Step one. Arrange a time to meet Mr Lim Seang at the shipping port. Note that the warehouse is open 8-10:50am and 2-6pm, so arrange to meet at the earlier of the two times.

Shipping motorcycle to Cambodia
This is the road the coordinates for the customs office will take you to. The yellow building is behind the wall on the left. You can walk through the booth at the end of the picture and turn left and walk back up behind this wall.

Step two. You will meet him at the Customs office. This is a tricky building to find, so we’ve put its exact coordinates on iOverlander. Just in case you don’t have the app, the coordinates for Maps.Me are 10.644139, 103.510593. It is a large yellow building hidden behind a wall. You can either enter through the main entrance and drive around the port until you find it, or if you access it from the port entrance, you can simply walk through the booth gates, turn left and walk around the wall – nobody will stop you. Mr Lim will be hiding in that building somewhere, you may need to walk into some of the offices to look for him, or he may be sitting at one of the computers.

Cambodia Shipping vehicle customs
The yellow customs building.

Step three.  Mr Lim will take you in his car to the warehouse. The guys will get your crate out and hand you a hammer and a crowbar and tell you to get on with it. So, make sure you take plenty of water and some snacks as it can be hard work depending on the type of screws or nails used to fix the box together.

Step four. Ride your bike back to the customs office and find Mr Lim again. Pay him the total amount in USD or Cambodian. He will give you your 30-day Temporary Import and you’re free to go!

Shipping motorcycle to Cambodia
It might take you a while to find your crate!

Important information

  1. You must tell Mr Lim in advance where you will exact Cambodia. It will be written on your Temporary Import and you must leave at that point.
  2. You DO NOT need to go to Phnom Penh first to get customs clearance, Mr Lim can do it at the port and you do not need to go there to pay your shipping company first either.
  3. Cambodia is NOT a Carnet country. You can only get a Temporary Import and it is valid for 30 days, the same amount of time as your visa.
  4. You can clear customs without the help of Mr Lim, but looking in the building it hardly seems worth the hassle. We’d definitely recommend using his services.
  5. We suggest buying a local SIM card before you head to the port, just in case you can’t find Mr Lim. Make sure he knows exactly what time you’re coming. He is more easily reached via Facebook Messenger than email.
  6. There is a petrol station very close to the port, if you completely drained your tank before shipping then consider buying your fuel before you get to the port. If you forget, one of the guys at the port can go and get you some fuel for a couple of dollars.
Shipping motorcycle to Cambodia
Prepare to do some hammering in the sun.

We hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any new information to add, please let us know in the comments below so we can update this page and help inform other travellers. Thanks!

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    • Hi Armansyah, that shouldn’t be a problem at all. Message Mr Lim (Cambodian shipping agent) whose contact details are above and then visit our webpage ( on shipping from South Korea for Wendy’s email (South Korean shipping agent). Together, they will be able to arrange your shipment from Sihanoukville to South Korea. Any problems or further questions, please feel free to message anytime! Cheers and good luck.

  1. This is fantastic information, thank you so much. We have family in Cambodia and are thinking of shipping our R1200 GSA there for a few weeks of riding, both in Cam and Thailand.

    • Hi Steven, thanks very much for your comment. I’m glad you found it helpful!
      That’s awesome you have family in Cambodia, what an incredible country with such lovely people.
      Yeah, that would be a great idea to ship your own bike there, because finding a big bike to rent is very, very tricky in Cambodia.
      However, crossing the border into Thailand on a foreign bike (unless it’s registered in SEA) is hard now, and only getting harder (in regards ton paperwork).
      Check out our Cambodia and Thailand pages as there are plenty of other guides on there with info on riding in those countries, what to see and do and paperwork info.
      Ps. if you’re shipping to Cambodia, i’d recommend also riding to Laos – far easier to cross the border and cheaper and a beautiful country!

  2. Great info..did you import bike just temporary for a month and then send it back out..I’m wanting to import my bike in from NZ permanently
    but just don’t know what import duty rate is or even if it’s a viable option as far as cost goes..appreciate any thoughts ..cheers Mark

    • Hi Mark, thanks for your comment!
      We temporary imported our bike because we’re on a RTW trip and needed to head to Laos and the rest of Southeast Asia after.
      So in regards to shipping your motorcycle to Cambodia permanently, I suggest you get in touch with Mr Lim. You can find his details on our Recommended Shipping Companies for Cambodia page here: tell him Andy from Mad or Nomad sent you and I’m sure he’ll help you out with what you need for a permanent import, how to do it and he can help with customs when the bike arrives.
      Let us know if you have any more questions and how you get on.

  3. Hi Andy,

    What a wonderful site you have, so full of the valuable information I have been seeking – thank you.

    I am wanting to do the same as you did for you bike, only I have a elderly (self-converted) motorhome, do you think it will be possible to get the temporary import paperwork in Cambodia, then drive through Laos and Thailand please?

    I am aiming for the period around October 2023 to ship from the UK
    Kind regards,


    PS: It will probably be the last of my overlanding experiences, as i will be 75 years of age at the time of departing!

    • Hi Richard,
      Thank you very much for your comment and kind words!
      Yes, as far as I’m aware you can still get a motorhome into Cambodia into Cambodia and drive through Laos and Thailand.
      Beware though, Thailand is hit and miss and increasingly tricky to get into. But, people are still travelling in and out so it can be done.
      There’s a great Facebook group called Thailand – Regulation affecting Overland Travellers I’d suggest checking this group out for current info on entering Thailand with your van. Travellers crossing currently post in there and this is where you’ll find the most up-to-date info.

      As for shipping to Cambodia, please contact Mr Lim, his details are on this page.
      And you’ll also need to use a shipper from the UK, have a look at our Recommended Shipping Companies page. Click on the UK and you’ll find companies in the UK, and for the return journey there are shippers for Thailand and Malaysia.

      That’s incredible you’re heading out at 75, incredibly impressive. Best of luck with your adventures and please do comment back here or email us if you need help with anything else.



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