How to Ship a Motorcycle from Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) to Indonesia (Sumatra)

As the Malaysia to Indonesia motorcycle shipping route has only just reopened, you’ll find new information in this article with contact info and updated details as we get them. 

Motorcycle Shipping between Malaysia and Indonesia

Pre Covid, motorcycle travellers heading from Asia to Australia (or vice versa) would simply ride to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, head to Port Klang and put their bike on a boat to Sumatra. Then they could start the ride towards Surabaya, Bali or Dilli to ship their bike out.

However, all boat transfers from Malaysia to Sumatra ceased over the Covid period. And it was only around August/October 2022 that the first crossing took place in three years.

All information on this shipment is very new at the time of writing (November 2022) and subject to change. We would recommend checking the Malaysia Overland and Indonesia Overland Facebook Groups for more up-to-date information. Or if you need direct contacts for the people who took these routes, please email us.

How to cross from Port Klang to Sumatra with a motorcycle

Currently, there is only one cargo boat that takes motorcycles on board – but no passengers. So, you would need to load your bike onto the boat and take a flight.

The flight is to Medan, from there you would need to take a taxi to meet your bike.

Expect the crossing to cost around 5,500,000RP (£289GBP / $350USD).

The contact in Malaysia is Azwan +60 13303 1591.   

For Indonesia, the boat owner’s name is Tony, contact him first as he will help arrange the shipment and his number is +62 823 6008 5666.

As this route has only recently opened up again, it may change and more options may open up too. We will keep this page as up to date as possible, but if you have any new information, please drop a comment or email us. Thank you.

The alternative way of getting between Malaysia and Indonesia

If you are not able to do this route, then the current option (which we took in 2023) is to ship from Kuala Lumpur to Malaysia Borneo, cross the border to Indonesia Borneo and catch the ferry to Java. 

We have dedicated guides on shipping your motorcycle to Malaysia Borneo and Indonesia Borneo from both Kuala Lumpur and Java. You’ll find all the shipping guides and more in the Indonesia Guides Page. 


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