How to Ship a Motorcycle From Canada to Ecuador

If you’re planning on shipping your motorcycle between Canada and Ecuador, have a read of this packed guide first…

Canada to Ecuador shipping


Picture of By Kathleen McKinney

By Kathleen McKinney

Kathleen and Grant are motorcycle travellers from Canada aka Darby.Joe.Adventures

Motorcycle Shipping between Canada and Ecuador

We are from Canada, but decided to ship our motorcycles straight to Quito, Ecuador and start our adventures from there. From Quito, we will head through South America, meandering on as many backroads as possible for however many months it takes.

If you’re considering shipping your motorcycle from Canada to Ecuador (or the other way round) to skip out the US and Central America, then here’s how we shipped our bikes, the companies we used and our experiences.

Shipping a motorcycle from Canada

Canada shipping agent

From Canada we used AllCargo Express. Our contact was Marie Takemura, Operations Manager. While their Head Office location is in Richmond, BC, they have a warehouse facility in Mississauga, Ontario where we dropped off the bikes.

Agent details

AllCargo Express Inc.
Tel: 604 606-0633 Ext: 202
Cell: 604-968-3893
Fax: 604 232-4544
Address: 200 – 2251 No.5 Rd, Richmond, BC, V6X 2S8


They provided air and shipping freight quotes to us for: Bogota, Quito, Lima, Buenos Aires and Santiago. Their quotes are valid for two to three week periods. We first started working with them in February 2023 to start understanding costs and timings.

Type of shipping

We chose air freight with AllCargo Express due to the length of shipping time between air and shipping. We chose to start from Quito because Quito and Bogota are the cheaper locations as compared to other South American locations. Also, we wanted to leave in September so travelling North to South would provide us the best chance to travel outside rainy periods and in the most optimal seasons in South America.


We had to provide Passports and vehicle registration documents in advance.


The cost for each motorcycle was $4,340.00 CAD. This includes the cost of custom pallets for shipping. Canadian taxes such as GST, HST or PST are not applicable to this type of purchase. 

We opted to purchase additional transit insurance from AllCargo at a cost of 2.5% of declared value. And we paid for the costs at the time of shipping via e-transfer.

Shipping a motorcycle to Ecuador

Ecuador shipping agent

For arrival in Ecuador we used Universal Cargo Logistics. Our contact was Betty Altamirano, Lane Coordinator & Pricing. Betty is located in Guayaquil, however, they have a representative in Quito who assisted us.

Ecuador shipping agent

For arrival in Ecuador we used Universal Cargo Logistics. Our contact was Betty Altamirano, Lane Coordinator & Pricing. Betty is located in Guayaquil, however, they have a representative in Quito who assisted us.

Agent details

Universal Cargo Logistic Services
Address: Universal Cargo S.A. Guayaquil-Ecuador, C.C. Alban Borja Edificio La Linea, Piso 1 Oficina 10
Phone: 593-4- 2203836 ext. 113
Mobile: +593998427749

First costs

The costs per each bike were as follows:

Airline Local Charges: USD 78.40
Administration Fee: USD 72.80
Transmission Fee: USD 56.00
Handling Fee: USD 75.00
Inbound Custom Clearance: USD 380.00

We paid for the above destination agent costs via bank Wire transfer the day we picked up the bikes, September 12, 2023. Because we were no longer in Canada, I had to get my mom to arrange for the Wire payment.

Second costs

Due to the length of time it took Ecuador Customs to clear our bikes, we had to pay for warehouse storage. This cost was $206 USD for both bikes. This was paid at the Quito Airport via cash only.

Total costs

In summary, it cost us approximately $4,400 USD in total, for each bike including all origin, destination and extra fees.


Documents required by Ecuador Agent and customs are International Driver’s License (IDP), registration or title of vehicle and passport. It’s important to note here that Ecuador Customs requires both VIN and engine number. The engine number was not needed until the Customs inspection in Quito. Riders should be familiar with where this is located on their bikes.

Special note

Universal Cargo would not let us ship any personal items on the bikes. We have seen that sometimes you can ship personal items in panniers etc.  We removed our panniers and tank bags and shipped them with us on our flight.

Tips and extra info

We hid iPhone Air Tags on our bikes which was handy so that we could see their journey. We flew from Toronto to Quito on September 8, 2023. Our bikes flew and arrived in Quito on September 11, 2023. It took three full days for them to clear customs – we rode them from Quito airport on September 13, 2023 late in the afternoon. 

The Universal Cargo agent based in Quito kindly picked us up at our hotel and took us out to the airport. Absolutely amazing because the airport is located about 45 minutes outside of the city. We had to go to the airport on both September 12 and 13th.  There was additional completion of Ecuador Customs forms and inspection. These documents could only be completed when bikes arrived in Quito.

Funny story…

Grant is a member of the Facebook group ‘Simcoe County Adventure Riders’ (an area North of Toronto).  A picture of our crated bikes on the Quito tarmac appeared on his FB feed the morning of September 11. Turns out the pilot of the Air Canada cargo plane that shipped our bikes is also a member of Simcoe County Adventure Riders and kindly took a picture and posted it!

Other shipping agents

Other agents we found but, in the end, didn’t select their services were:

Easy Import Auto

They only do sea freight and will provide a single container for motorcycles. They have an office in Montreal, Quebec and will ship from there to just about anywhere. We explored shipping directly from Montreal to Guayaquil and Sao Paulo. 

They also ship from Miami and we also thought about riding to Miami and shipping from there. In the end, the price to ship from Montreal vs the costs we would incur to ride to Miami were about the same.

Contact: Karen Goldstein
Address: Miami / Warehouse and office, 5911 Sw 39th Ave.Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312
Phone: (+1) 305 570 4030
Phone: (+1) 305 570 3644

Motorcycle Express

Just recently, they have been able to secure motorcycle cargo on WestJet from Toronto to Miami.  We were quoted $2200 USD for each bike.  (While Miami is not South America, it could have formed a piece of the puzzle.)

Motorcycle Express
Phone: 1-800-245-8726
Phone: 1-516-682-9220

About the author

Kathleen McKinney and Grant Pretorius

The type of travel one could experience on a motorcycle is amazing. Exploring the backroads, quieter, authentic areas and meeting people is the type of adventure we both wanted. Grant has been riding dirt bikes since he was a teenager hooning around sugar cane farms in his native South Africa and recently bought himself an Africa Twin. So, I took my motorcycle exam in 2021, bought a Honda CB500X in 2022, completed my motorcycle license qualifications in July 2023 and then we shipped both of our bikes to Quito, Ecuador in September 2023!  ‘The Adventures of Darby & Joe’ were born!  

Our plan is to ride from Quito, Ecuador south through South America, meandering on as many backroads as possible for however many months it takes.  After that, we will plan our future worldly moto travel routes…

You can follow our adventures on Instagram here: Darby.Joe.Adventures

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