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Cheap: £10 - £20 per day
Mid: £20 - £30 per day

Money: ATMs are not hard to find and issue both USD and Cambodian riel.

Card is accepted in some hotels and restaurants. 

USD are widely used throughout the country, almost all restaurants, street markets and hotels accept USD.

Currency: Cambodian riel ៛ and USD $

Food: Local meals and street food £0.50 – £3, Restaurant £4 – £8

You can wild camp in Cambodia.

Dorms £2-£8. 

Mid-range hotel £8 – £25

Petrol: £0.79 litre

When to go

High: Nov - Feb
Low: May - Sep

High: Nov – Feb 

Hot but still breezy. Can get very busy because it’s dry season. 

Mid: April and Oct 

Can get very hot with little to no breeze. Temperature is around 35°C

Low:  May – Sep 

Although this is rainy season, scenery is green and looks beautiful. Can be hot and humid throughout the day.


Visa: 30 days
Carnet required: No

Visa: Foreign nationals can get a 30-day visa on arrival.  

Carnet: Not needed. 

Temporary Import: Obtained at the border for around 30USD. It lasts the same amount of time as your visa and can be extended. 


International Driver’s Permit: Better to have it with you in Cambodia.  

Insurance: Not asked for or required. 

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Capital: Phnom Penh
Country code: +855

Emergency: 118 – fire,  119 – ambulance, 117 – police

Language: Khmer 

Time: GMT/UTC plus seven hours

Land Mass: 181,035 km²

Don't miss

Angkor Wat
Killing Fields

Angkor Wat: Cambodia is home to some of the world’s most incredible temples and architecture. You can spend a lifetime exploring its 3,000 relics. 

Check out our Tomb Raider Blog Post for more info on Temples and the Genocide. 

Killing Fields: Cambodia has an extremely sad past due to the Genocide in the ’70s. The Killing Fields and Prison in Phnom Penh are a must visit. 

Getting in/out

Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Shipping

You can enter Cambodia from Thailand, Laos and Vietnam with relative ease. 

Sihanoukville is Cambodia’s primary shipping port and you can also ship your motorcycle there from other countries. 

Check out the Cambodia Shipping Guide and the Ultimate International Motorcycle Shipping Guide.  

Cambodia is incredibly beautiful and peppered with stunning ancient temples. Discovering them on a motorcycle is its greatest draw – the friendly people, delicious food and endless miles of enduro riding is an added bonus. You’ll love riding through Cambodia.