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Cheap: £15 -£25 per day
Mid: £25 - £50 per day

Money: ATMs are not hard to find and dispense lira, some will do USD and euros too. Card is accepted in most tourist places.

Currency: Turkish lira ₺

Food: Local street food £0.80 – £2. Café £2 – £6. Restaurant £5 – 15

Very easy to wild camp and there are plenty of paid camping grounds too. Dorms £4 – £12. Mid-range hotel £10 – £30

Petrol: £0.76 litre

When to go

High: June - Aug Mid: April, May, Sep

High: June – Aug

Temperatures at their highest and so are prices. Expect larger crowds in tourist areas.

Mid: Late March – May and Sep

Our favorite time to travel. Comfortable heat and not as busy.

Low: Oct – Feb

Colder riding temperatures but good opportunity to ski in the mountains.


Visa: 90 days
Carnet required: No

Visa: You can get a visa on arrival at land borders, they last 90 days and are around £25.

Carnet: Not needed.

Temporary Import: Sorted at border.  

International Driver’s Permit: Not required but worth having.

Insurance: You must have Green Card insurance to ride in Turkey. If you bought insurance from your home country and it covers you for Turkey, but it’s not a Green Card, they won’t accept it. You can buy it at a border but expect a very over-inflated price at most borders.  

Check Motorcycle Travel Guide: Turkey for more info. 


Capital: Ankara
Country code: +90

Emergency: 110 – fire, 112 – ambulance, 155 – police

Language: Turkish

Time: GMT/UTC plus three hours

Land Mass: 783,562 km²

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South Coast

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Getting in/out

Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia and Iran

You can enter and exit Turkey easily from Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia and Iran. 

Turkey borders Armenia but there is no land border crossing. 

Turkey also borders Syria and Iraq. Syria is a no-go at this moment in time. We have crossed the Iraq border before and it was a smooth-ish crossing, but the situation is volatile. 

Turkey is the world’s cultural melting pot. It’s an incredible country for motorcycle travel with fascinating ancient history, delicious food, friendly people, copious amounts of tea, insanely beautiful scenery and awesome riding. Turkey offers a generous three-month visa, but it’s just not enough. Try it once and you’ll always come back for more.

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