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Cheap: £10 - £25 per day
Mid: £25 - £40 per day

Money: ATMs can be found in main cities and towns throughout Georgia and there are plenty of banks that exchange USD into Lari. 

Larger hotels and restaurants accept card for transactions.

Currency: Georgian lari ლ

Food: Roadside pastries £0.50 – £3, Restaurant £3 – £8

Wild camping is easy in Georgia. There are also plenty of paid campsites too if you prefer. 

Dorms and home-stays £2-£10. Mid-range hotel £10 – £30

Petrol: £0.64 litre

When to go

Mid: May - July
High: July - Aug

High: July – Aug

Can be hot for riding but great for mountain rides and hiking or sticking to the Black Sea.

Cities are very hot with temps reaching 40°C

Mid: July and Sept – Oct

Mid season is the perfect time to visit Georgia if you want to travel around the whole country. It’s warm and sunny, but can get cold at night when camping in mountainous areas.

Low: Nov – Feb

Riding isn’t recommended as it’s too cold. Eastern Georgia can fall below freezing.


Visa: Free for 1 year
Carnet required: No

Visa:Georgia is visa free for a huge list of countries including the UK, European Union and the USA

Carnet: Not needed. 

Temporary Import: Sorted at border.

International Driver’s Permit: Not needed but worth having.

Insurance: Compulsory. You must get insurance once you cross the border.

Check out the Motorcycle Travel Guide: Caucasus for more information.


Country code: +995

Emergency: 113 – fire, ambulance and police

Language: Georgian

Time: GMT plus four hours

Land Mass: 69,700 km²

Don't miss


Kazbegi: Perfect for adventure seekers as it’s Georgia’s wild frontier.

Tbilisi: An incredible city full of history, architecture and delicious cheese pies. Take the Georgian Military Road from Tbilisi to Kazbegi. 

Top 10 things to do in Georgia

Getting in/out

Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan or Russia

You’ve got a few options here. You can enter and exit very easily to Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia

Keep in mind that if you exit to Armenia, you can not go from Armenia to Azerbaijan. You must return to Georgia and then go to Azerbaijan. It’s not a problem to do this. For more info visit the Caucasus Motorcycle Travel Guide. 

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