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Cheap: £10 - £25 per day
Mid: £25 - £40 per day

Money: ATMs can be found in main cities and towns. Card can be used in the capital but cash is preferred.

Currency: Azerbaijan Manat ₼

Food: Kebab or snacks £0.50 – £2, Restaurant £5 – £10.

Accommodation: Lots of wild camping spots. Dorms and homestays £2 – £10. Mid-range hotel £10 – £30

Petrol: £0.44 litre

When to go

Mid: April - June
High: July - Aug

High: July – Aug

Hot and humid unless you are in the mountains.

Mid: April – June and Sept – Oct

Clear blue skies and cooler than the 40°C summers.

Low: Nov – Feb

Mild winters around Caspian shores but colder in Baku. The snowfall is great for skiing Jan – Feb in the north.


Visa: E-Visa valid for 30 days
Carnet required: No

Visa: 93 countries are offered a 30-day E-visa, which is valid for 90 days.  

Registration: If you plan on staying in Azerbaijan for 10 days or longer, you will need to register online. It is a straightforward process. 

Check out the Azerbaijan Visa and Registration Guide for more information. 

Carnet: Not needed.

Temporary Import: Sorted at the border.

International Driver’s Permit: Not needed but worth having. 


Capital: Baku
Country code: +994

Emergency: 125 – fire, 115 – ambulance. 110 – police

Language: Azerbaijani

Time: GMT/UTC plus four hours

Land Mass: 86,600 km²

Don't miss

Xinaliq and Laza

Baku: Ancient relics, flaming towers, mud volcanoes and fire worshippers. Baku is a juxtaposed city of new meets old and is the hub for exploring Azerbaijan’s wonders. 

Top 10 Things to do in Azerbaijan

Xinaliq and Laza: Incredibly remote, untouched, rustic and raw. Both Xinaliq and Laza are well worth the ride. 


Getting in/out

Caspian Sea Ferry

You can easily enter Azerbaijan from Georgia. Keep in mind that you cannot enter from Armenia. 

You can take the Caspian Sea Ferry from Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan or Turkmenistan. 

Check out the Ultimate Caspian Sea Ferry Guide here.

Welcome to Azerbaijan! Despite being a relatively new country, Azerbaijan has some of the most incredible history, natural phenomenon and jaw dropping scenery in the Caucasus. This wonderful country will surprise you and riding a motorcycle here is spectacular. Most people pass through just to catch the Caspian Ferry to Kazakhstan or Turkmenistan, but spend a little longer exploring this rustic gem – you won’t regret it. 

This guide covers visas, insurance, registration, borders and a bunch of tips for travelling overland through Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.