Welcome to the East Asia Destination Guides. These guides are packed with info for adventure bike riders and overlanders looking to explore Mongolia, Japan and South Korea.

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Mongolia motorcycle guide


Mongolia is an adventurer's paradise. A vast expanse of epic grasslands, incredible deserts and a people who once ruled the world. You can truly lose yourself here like nowhere else on earth. Well, hopefully you won't get too lost.

Japan's Golden Temple


The Land of The Rising Sun is pure wonderment. Explore ancient temples, visit restored Samurai villages, gaze at Fuji, get lost in Tokyo and discover one of the most incredible countries in the world with our packed and comprehensive guides.

South Korea village


South Korea isn't at the top of most overlanders' bucket lists, mainly due to how expensive it is to enter with a vehicle, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be missed. Our guides concentrate on how to get in and ship out.