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Cheap: £10 - £30 per day
Mid: £30 - £50 per day

Money: Both somoni and USD widely used. Card is rarely accepted outside of the capital.  ATMs can be found in main cities and towns.

Currency: Tajikistani somoni ЅM

Food: cook your own £2-£5. Home-stay meal £3-£6. Restaurant £5-£10

You can wild camp anywhere for free. Dorms and home stays £4-£11. Mid-range hotel £20-£40

Petrol: £0.61 litre 

When to go

High: June - Sep
Low: Nov - Feb

High: June – Sep It’s boiling hot in the cities, but it’s a great time to ride and hike through the Pamirs. 

Mid: April – May 
It’s mild outside of the High Pamir range. But heavy rain tends to cause landslides, road blocks and road closures.

Low: Nov – Feb
Not a good time to ride in the Pamirs! Temperatures plummet to between -20C and -45C. 


Visa: E-Visa system
Carnet required: No

Visa: Visa applications are done online and are issued for 45 days within a 90-day period. 

Carnet: Not needed.

Temporary Import: Sorted at the border for 15USD. It’s important you don’t lose your import paperwork. The import lasts 15 days and can be extended in major cities. 

International Driver’s Permit: Not compulsory but worth having. 

Insurance: Not asked for or needed. 

Extra: If you are visiting the Pamirs, you will need a GBAO Permit. Check the Motorcycle Travel Guide: Tajikistan for info on the permit, visas and entering the Wakhan. 


Capital: Dushanbe
Country code: +992

Emergency: 112 Emergency, 102 Police, 103 ambulance

Language: Tajiki 

Time: GMT plus five hours (for all but Murgab region which is plus 6  hours )  

Land Mass: 143,100 km²

Don't miss

Must: The Pamirs
Hidden: Seven Lakes

The Legendary Pamir Mountains are why most people ride in Afghanistan. They are phenomenal and it’s one of the best places in the world to ride a motorcycle. You’ve got three options when you get there. Check out The Motorcycle Travel Guide: Tajikistan for loads more information. 

The Seven Lakes ride is a hidden Tajik gem and well worth the ride. Check out the Tajikistan Top 5 for more info. 

Getting in/out


Entering and exiting Tajikistan is straight forward and easy from both Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Check out the country guides for each for more information. 

Tajikistan is an adventure bike rider’s playground. Over 90% of it is mountainous but its most impressive peaks belong to the legendary Pamir Mountain range – an absolute must for every motorcycle traveller. The Wakhan Corridor ride is like nowhere else on earth, the Pamir Highway is jaw dropping and the Bartang Valley is like an undiscovered dream land. You’re going to love it.