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Shipping a motorcycle to Argentina


Wayne Yoder
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I’d like to ship a Versys LT 650 from Virginia to Argentina. Is this feasible now? And is it too costly to even consider? What about paperwork? Actually, I am living in Argentina with my Argentinian wife. To buy that same bike here is presently about $19,000. Any advice? I am a US citizen so does that make any difference in terms of any fees charged by Argentina to bring the bike into this country?  Thanks so much


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Mad or Nomad
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Hi Wayne, welcome to the forum and thanks for posting your question here! 

Sorry you're having to jump through the hoops with this one, but actually, the people you need to speak to are Dakar Motors based in Argentina as they deal with shipping bikes in and out of the country. 

I'm thinking you're actually going to get the quickest and most accurate response to your question if you contact them directly.

I just realised now that you've already visited and commented on our Recommended Argentina Motorcycle Shipping Companies page so perhaps you already have their info? 

Just in case you don't, the contact name, phone number and email are here below. 


+54 (011) 4730 0586/ WhatsApp +5411 4730 0586  


I hope this helps, please get in touch if you need further assistance


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Wayne and others, for shipping information to and from Argentina please contact Javier at:   Dakarmotos has been serving over landers for many years,

bilingual and trustworthy.    xfiltrate.

 Ed George