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Expensive Gore-Tex or cheap stuff?  


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20/09/2020 7:34 pm  

Do people on round the world trips tend to go for high quality expensive motorcycle gear or spend less on cheap stuff as it's going to get battered anyway. I'm thinking there's more of a chance gear will go missing and so its better to have cheap stuff, and also because there's no point spending a fortune on gore-tex if it's only cold and wet for a short part of the trip? 

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29/09/2020 9:57 am  

Hey mate, good question! It's a tricky one because it's such a subjective answer. I know people who wear £1,000 suits and others who have holes in their helmets (literally) and old army surplus gear.

Yeah, theft can be a worry, but it shouldn't be because gear going walkabouts is quite rare. It does of course happen, but you shouldn't let that put you off whatever kit you want to wear. 

Good point on the Gore-Tex stuff. We don't use gore-tex anymore and remove the waterproof and thermal liners out of our clothing because:

a. it's annoying having to stop the bike and zip them inside the jacket and trousers on the side of the road.

b. because they don't double up. Instead we carry cheap waterproof throwovers - they're much quicker and easier to throw on if the heavens open and of course they have double usage because you can use them when walking about town, hiking or whatever. 

c. because they're usually rubbish anyway. It's far better to buy a down jacket that can be compressed. It also doubles up as an evening jacket and would be far warmer, or even opt for a heated jacket if you're in really cold climates. 

So, in short, we use low to mid-range gear with no liners and carry our own extra kit that can be used over and under our bike gear. It means we don't need expensive stuff as you mentioned and we don't need to spend a fortune on gore-tex as you mentioned either. 

Hope this helps!


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