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Has anyone ever used a tank bag on an off road bike?


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I ride off road on my trips and travel light with soft bags. My important stuff goes in a rucksack so I don't have to worry about taking it getting pinched. But getting older now and my shoulders are sore. I'm thinking of a tank bag? Good or bad idea for off road riders?

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Good question! 

I used to ride with a Kriega 20 and or 30 rucksack, but like you, after a while it just turns out to be a pain. It's fine for smaller trips, touring or commuting - but everyday on a big trip - nope. 

A tank bag is a good alternative, and I have ridden off road with one, they're not a problem so long as you get the right type of bag. So i'd certainly advise going for one with straps and definitely not a magnetic one. Bags that clip onto the fuel tank ring are also quite good, but it depends on which bike you're riding and if there's a ring for it. Either way, i'd still go for strapped. 

This guide has more info on tank bags and some recommendations, might be helpful.

The Motorcycle Luggage Guide

Hope this helps,