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The Impact of Covid on the cost of shipping


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In the Ultimate Motorcycle Shipping Guide ( ) we received a good comment from a reader, and the reply from Moto Freight may come in handy for anyone planning on shipping their motorbike. 

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Very informative, but unfortunately now I’m assuming not really valid. I was supposed to be completing my preparations by now for my South America trip with my new Moto Guzzi for when I retire in September. With airlines shutting down or downsizing big time, have you had any feedback yet regarding the impact of Covid on the cost of shipping?
Rick Trengove

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Hi Rick – You are spot on, no previous systems or pricing is valid at the moment. Time will tell as borders reopen and airlines begin to operate again. All historic airfreight rates have been withdrawn. We do expect that airlines that stay in business and start flying again will have high freight rates initially. They will be in high demand and will also be trying to recoup losses. All is not lost though, some travelers will have to re-jig their routes start and end points but as long as people are happy to do that then we can arrange shared sea freight containers which will keep the costs down. Historically we would recommend airfreight for travelers bikes but if we load bike dedicated containers then we have a lot more control. It will mean that travelers dates won’t be as flexible but it does mean that people will be able to travel again. We are currently working on a number of options and once borders start opening, we’ll publish information here, on facebook and our website . Stay safe

Roddy - Moto Freight