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Hello friends!

I'm really excited about BMW Rninet Scrambler. I bought it in the spring of 2016 and have already traveled about 50,000 km on it across Ukraine, Europe, beyond the Arctic Circle etc.


In 2019, I had my mototravel to Iceland.  The journey took 1.5 months.  I drove 12,000 km; 3,000 km of which were directly in Iceland. Rain, strong wind, difficult roads.  It was a great trip!  The motorcycle has never failed. On the way back, when I was drinking coffee at a gas station in Austria, a guy from Italy came up to the motorcycle and said: "Hey, man! Where did you get the dirt on this beautiful bike?! The Scrumbler is not made for dirt, it is made to place it at home and admire!" ?


In 2020 it was not possible for me to travel. But there was time to think about how the motorcycle influenced my lifestyle, values and even the interior of my house.


Then I decided to create a short animated video about it.  how a motorcycle changes a person's life.  And now collecting stories from other motorcycle enthusiasts, just for inspiration. 

How your motorcycle changed your lifestyle?

I will be grateful for your answers?

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Hey Oleksandr, 

Wow, 50K on an R Nine T! That's pretty good going. Any bike is an adventure bike, right!
Your Iceland trip sounds amazing!

How did you get your bike to Iceland? Easy to do? Which ferry/ shipping company did you use?

And where's the link to your video!? I want to watch it 😀

Haha what a question, in my case, a motorcycle has changed by lifestyle by becoming my lifestyle.