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  So there is was reading about your trip in Afghanistan,  for 3rd or 4th time, when I noticed and payed attention to the back of the rear pak . Thank you for this. Been at home taking care of my wife who has a brain tumor. Over 2 y 8 m.  Had to retire to create income. At the point when I'm alone I'll ride efor a time before I need to take dogs with me. I'll check back soon.  Though longest I've been out is 3 weeks twice I'm sure I'll eclipse that. 

  Will see u on the road. PS  1 of 3 bikes I'll beriding, is 07 Street Glide  Silver/ grey with BRAIN CANCER AWARENESS  on fairing.  If you see that don't be a stranger

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Hi, thanks for your post! Wow, glad you liked the article! Thank you very much! 

I'm not sure what you mean by 'paid attention to the back of the rear pack?' what was on there?

Oh no, i'm very sorry to hear that, that must be incredibly difficult for you both. I wish you all the best!