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AJP PR7 Adventure Motorcycle Review


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Here’s a 50,000-mile review of the AJP PR7 Adventure 650 by motorcycle traveller Bart Haeck. 

Bart's full article can be found in our Motorcycle Reviews by Motorcycle Travellers

And here's a direct link: AJP PR7 Review

Why this bike?

I started riding motorcycles in 2017, bought an old Africa Twin and went on a three-month bike trip with a friend of mine. A total lack of experience and a bike that was way too heavy quickly made me realise I needed to look for a lighter motorcycle. After reading endless travel reports and bike reviews, I decided to look for a used BMW G 650 X-Challenge. Unfortunately, they’re quite expensive at 10 years old with high mileage. 

So I started looking into the AJP PR7 Adventure 650. It’s a light off-road bike, powerful enough, has a relatively big fuel tank mounted below the seat (equals low centre of gravity), good suspension, options to mount luggage and good reviews from other travellers (comfortable and reliable).


  • Heavier rear suspension spring
  • Clutch slave cylinder replaced
  • Handlebar risers, protection and mirrors
  • Heated grips
  • Removed the stock tablet and installed my Garmin + 12V & USB sockets



The bike has been pretty reliable overall. I encountered one big problem, which was a leaking cylinder head gasket. In hindsight, that could have been caused by improper installation during a major service (scheduled replacement of timing chain). Other than that, I have only had small issues like a dead battery, leaking clutch master cylinder and a few other minor bits and pieces. I never got stranded on the side of the road though.


Check out the full review to keep reading...

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