Five Awesome Motorcycle Routes in Mexico

Mexico is an awesome country for motorcycle travellers and the riding is out of this world. After three months of exploring, we’ve listed five of our favourite places to ride a motorcycle in this quick and easy guide…

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Five Awesome Motorcycle Rides in Mexico

Mexico is a brilliant country for motorcycle travellers. It has insanely good asphalt roads that twist and weave through mountains and along stunning coastlines as well as mind-blowingly remote off-road adventure rides.

We absolutely loved our ride through Mexico. Not just because of the routes, but because of the incredible places they took us to – natural wonders, gorgeous little villages nestled high in the mountains and the stunning views.

So, we compiled this mini guide based on our ride through Mexico in 2024 as part of our round-the-world trip. Below we list five of our favourite regions and areas to ride a motorcycle in Mexico.

Canon Las Angosturas

There’s an epic off-road ride through canyon land that you’re going to love! Head to the Magic Town of Bernal and then up to Pinal de Amoles. You can either ride an off-road route to Bucareli or swing over to gorgeous San Joaquin town before dipping down for Angosturas.

It’s a great ride through a river bed and into canyons. At the end you’ll be met with a working mine that you may or may not be allowed to pass through. If you are, then watch your step as you climb the switchbacks and be careful because those mining trucks can’t easily stop on the bends. If not, then you get to ride this awesome road back again!

Coast to Coast on the 175

The 175 is the ultimate mountain route. You’ve got over 500kms of the twistiest mountain bends flowing from Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico in the north to the Pacific coast in the south. And it passes through Oaxaca – an awesome city to spend a few nights and try delicious moles.

Be careful on this route, there’s so many twists and turns you’ll get dizzy. Keep your concentration up and plot your rest stops in Oaxaca and Pacifico.

Old Route 40

Old Route 40 used to be one of the most dangerous roads in the world due to drug running, its constant tight bends, trucks flying around corners in the wrong lane and perilous drops of steep cliff edges. However, a new toll road 40 was built alongside the old 40, which diverted the majority of the traffic. Now it’s a relatively quiet epic mountain road.

If you love carving up asphalt on constant twists then this is one for you. We have a dedicated guide on how to ride this road.

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La Gloria

La Gloria is a must. Natural hot waterfalls with breathtaking pools of warm water cascading down a mountain for you to relax in. You’ve got Tolotongo and La Gloria. The mass majority of tourists flock to Tolotongo, which is on the other side of La Gloria – so make sure you go to La Gloria instead! You can cross between the two by a small footbridge, but if you want to ride between them it’s at least an hour’s ride. You can camp at La Gloria (the fee is included in the park entrance price, or there is a hotel on the grounds too. Be aware, the ride down is a series of steep gravel switchbacks.  

Once you leave La Gloria, there’s a remote and beautiful off-road ride headed east towards Reserva de la Biosfera Barranca de Metztitlan. That’s well worth the ride too.

Route 23

If you’re looking for a remote ride and the road the less travelled then we highly recommend Route 23. It takes you from Durango to Ruiz and is one of the very best rides in the entire country. However, unlike the 40 with its relatively good asphalt, this route is a mix of extremely bad and potholed road and a lot of construction in areas. An adventure or off-road capable bike with decent ground clearance is necessary for this road.

You’ll find more info in the dedicated guide linked above in the Route 40 section.

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