Ecuador Motorcycle Rentals and Tours

Here’s our recommended motorcycle rental and tour companies for Ecuador.

Ecuador Motorcycle Rental and Tour Companies

Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental

Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental gets real adventure seekers like you off the beaten track and deep into Ecuador‘s dramatic and varied scenery as well as its unique culture. Since 2009, we’ve helped travelers of all price points live their dreams and explore the hidden gems of South America. Thousands of riders and travelers have trusted us for our award-winning customer service, authentic tours and knowledgeable and friendly staff. Ecuador Freedom will help make it happen.

Services: Choose from mountain bikes, dual-sport / adventure motorcycle rental and 4×4 rentals, self-guided adventures, all-inclusive guided motorcycle adventure tours or create your own getaway and Ecuador Freedom will help make it happen.

Rental bikes: Ecuador Freedom has over 55 motorcycles in their fleet from BMW Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, SWM, Triumph, Husqvarna.  

Rental prices: From £20 per day with unlimited mileage.

Tour prices: A huge selection of guided and self-guided tours ranging in price dependent on rental time and bikes. Check their site for more details. 

Insurance: Insurance is included.

Kit availability:  Gear is included in the motorcycle rental or tour. 

Fact File

Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental

 Quito, Ecuador

   Court Rand

+1 (603) 617-2499


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  1. Hi Ferdinand, if you scroll up to the top of this page you will see Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental… this is the company we recommend for motorcycle trips in Ecuador. Court Rand is the owner and his contact details, email and website are listed above. Get in touch with him and i’m sure he’ll help you out.


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