Continental TKC80 Motorcycle Tyres Review

“We’ve used Continental TKC80 tyres through snow, sand, gravel, tarmac, through all weathers and conditions and they’re our number one motorcycle tyre of choice.”

Continental TKC80 Tyres Review


  • Price: £300 approx for pair
  • Time tested: 4 months
  • Miles tested: 8,000
  • Testing conditions: USA and Canada
  • Functionality: 5/5
  • Durability: 5/5
  • Value for money: 4/5
  • Where to buy:

TKC80s on a round the world trip

I’ve been running Continental TKC80 tyres for nearly ten years and on hundreds of motorcycles. For the last five years, we have been riding round the world on a Yamaha XT660R and opting for Contis whenever we could get them.

But, as we recently shipped our bike home and bought two Honda CRF300Ls for the remainder of our trip in the UK, we immediately fitted a pair of TKC80s to each before shipping the bikes to Vancouver.

The 80s look aggressive, but they’re actually quite soft rubber and a proper 50/50 tyre and that makes them fantastic all-rounders and the perfect tyre for big motorcycle trips.

They’re surprisingly good on tarmac, especially considering their big knobbly look and style. The rubber and big contact patches do make the tyre want to run in a straight line, but after a bit of wearing in, use and familiarity it’s easy enough to turn in on sharp and sweeping corners and the lean angles are quite impressive.

On the 300s, we only feel a slight wobble when hitting 70mph, but this is probably more due to the weight on the bikes and their low capacity than the tyres.

But where these tyres really excel is on the rough stuff. They offer a very planted feel on most off-road terrain. We’ve run them through countless different conditions from mud (the big gaps between the blocks make for excellent self-cleaning), sand, gravel, snow, ice and so on. It’s as if the tyres are able to adapt to anything and always inspire confidence no matter the ground.

Continental TKC80 tyres for Honda CRF300L


In the last four months we’ve covered over 8,000 miles on our Continental TKC80 tyres. The front has loads of life left in it – perhaps 2,000 more. On the rear, the middle band of rubber blocks are wearing down, but there’s plenty left on the sides – I’d guess about 1,000 at a push. We would have got more out of the rear, but had to cover a lot of miles on long straight roads in Canada.

The only downside to the TKCs is the price tag. They are expensive and can be hard to source when you’re on the road. But, between you and the ground are two tiny contact patches of rubber and so you need to be confident and trust in the tyres you’re using, so for me, they’re worth the price.


We’ve used Continental TKC80 tyres through snow, sand, gravel, tarmac, through all weathers and conditions and they’re our number one motorcycle tyre of choice. They offer excellent feedback on and off-road, are planted and an excellent all-rounder making them the ideal rubber for round the world trips and big adventures.

Continental TKC80 Tyres Review

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