China Crossing Motorcycle Tour Report

If you’re planning on riding your motorcycle between Central and South Asia, you may need to cross through China. Have a read of Vincenzo’s recent report first. 


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By Calabrese Vincenzo

Round the world motorcycle traveller

China Crossing Motorcycle Tour Report

If you’re planning on riding your motorcycle between Central and South Asia, you may need to cross China. And the way to do that is by hiring a professional guide service. 

We have a detailed article on transiting China that we recommend you read next. But first, check out Vincenzo’s recent experience and info. 

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How to motorcycle between Central and South Asia

If you are riding your own personal motorcycle in Central Asia and you want to move to South Asia, you have three options:

Via Iran

The south-east part on Iran is not a safe area, especially near the border with Pakistan (the Balochistan region). Also, you need to be escorted by the Pakistani Army for few days until you will reach the middle area of Pakistan.

Via Afghanistan

This country is controlled by the Taliban. Many travellers have been into Afghanistan without any issues, however, this is still one of the most dangerous countries in the world and currently there are not foreigners embassies in the country.

Via China

I had visited Iran a few months ago and Afghanistan is not a safe country, so I decided to reach South Asia via China. If you plan to enter in the Xinjiang region (China) with your motorcycle, you need to be escorted by a tourist guide, so you need to get in touch with a Chinese Travel Agency. In my case, I contacted Drive China. They gave me an amazing experience and took care of everything during my stay in China.

You can get in touch with Mr. Bing: +8613558698595. I sent dozens of messages through WhatsApp and he replied to all my questions every time.

Price: It may vary depending on the group size. In my case, I paid 850 euro, which included the accommodation, tourist guide 24/7, support to cross the entry and exit border and all documentation required from Chinese Customs.

Duration: 5 days

Group Size: 7 motorcycles and 4 vans

Timing: September 2023

Distance: 1200 km

Weather: warm weather, except for the Khunjerab pass (4733m).

Tour company:

Entrance: Irkeshtam Pass (Kyrgyzstan/China border)

Exit: Khunjerab Pass (China/Pakistan border)

Documentation: to enter in China with your own vehicle, you need the following papers: Chinese Visa, Pakistani Visa, Carnet de Passage, Temporary Chinese Driving License and Temporary Chinese Plate Number. The paperwork should be arranged and your crossing booked at least three months in advance.


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Vincenzo, 40 years old from Italy. I’m trying to realise my dream, which is to explore the world by motorcycle. I left Italy over one year ago and I’m in India right now. From Italy to India, I only skipped two countries: Yemen and Afghanistan. India is my 45th country and I have so far ridden 87,000km. I hope to move onto Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan in four months time.

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