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“Riding gear, camping gear, spare parts, motorcycle-specific undergarments and a few practical clothes, documents, electronics, toiletries – check! I was ready for my year-long motorcycle trip from Europe to Southeast Asia. Or so I thought. Having never ridden outside Europe (or for more than…”
“Growing up you hear terrible things on the news about certain countries and somehow these mental warnings stick in the far recesses of your brain. So, when it occurred to us that to ride our motorcycles from one end of the Americas to the other…”
“What is the definition for long-term travel? For some, it’s a few months and for others it’s years. But, no matter the length, at some point in your journey you’ll find a spot that will hold you like a spell. It could be a campground…”
“In 1996 my head blew apart after reading Jim Roger’s “Investment Biker”. I knew then that wild and far was how I wanted to ride as opposed to 300km down a pit straight (I did, however, become a MotoGP fan about 20 years later though)…”
“Like with most motorcycle travellers, I Googled the countries I wanted to visit before leaving on my round the world trip. And the internet is full of horror stories, so is the news and government announcements. Even once you close your laptop and get on..”
“Adventure boots are a substantial investment, so they have to a) do the right job (protection), and b) last as long as possible. One of the main differences between your long-distance adventure boots and other footwear is that you are going to be wearing…”
“Picture the scene. You’re riding along one of the most scenic, amazing roads you’ve ever been on. It’s sublime. You feel one with the world. Zen like. You know what would make it better? A phone call from some scammer inquiring about your computer security…”
“When they were first becoming a thing I couldn’t help calculating the number of fuel miles I could ride for the cost of a GPS. I struggled with that. I could probably have ridden the length of Africa and back up. And anyway, maps are fantastic! Add a compass and…”
“Whenever I meet interesting people on my travels, I like to sit down, make us a cup of coffee and get to know them. Just like having a motorcycle there when you meet fellow bikers, having coffee there is a great ice breaker, and it allows us to…”
“I’m in a very lucky position. I’ve managed to buy two brand new bikes in my lifetime and I currently have four bikes in my shed. Getting to ride many different bikes, old and new, has shown me a few things. Modern bikes are the safest bikes have ever been…”
“Small: of little importance/ a size that is less than normal. Society has bashed these words into us since childhood – that small is not worthy. Well, the world is changing and, with it, so are small bike adventures. Just look at the new bikes coming out. Big motorcycle…”
“If you don’t go far enough, how would you find your limit? I’d like to find my limit.” ~ Hubert Kriegel. If you don’t know him, you should! Gifted were those few moments when I got to meet Hubert and we stayed in touch over emails and exchanged stories and…”
“Since the beginning, man has travelled in groups to survive and overcome obstacles and threats, but now most of us try to get out and go solo, why is that? Perhaps, it’s the strong DNA within us from ancient times when boys embarked on solo journeys…”
“The vast majority of the people who inhabit this world are kind. When one day you break down (and, trust me, you will) no matter where you are, someone will stop by and offer help. Sometimes it might take a while, but it will happen. And, in my experience…”
“There’s a stack of doom and gloom about the effects of Covid on the future of travel, but I’m very optimistic. As the Thais say, ‘Same-same, but different.’ This is the mind-set we need to have, not wallow negatively in a pit of things we can’t do, the same…”