Welcome to the Land of the Rising Sun

November 14, 2018

Japan is an intrinsic, beautiful balance of unique culture, stunning scenery and fascinating history... and it's addictive.

Siberian Hell Ride

September 30, 2018

The week we needed everything to go right - everything went wrong. Racing 4000km across Siberia to catch the ferry to Japan on a strict 10-day Russian transit visa as our bike fell to pieces was hell...

Mad in Mongolia

September 20, 2018

Mongolia is madness - a vast emptiness filled with some of the most lonesome, mind-numbing and incredible riding we've ever seen

Not Quite Nomads

August 20, 2018

We have a go at being nomadic horse riders… it doesn’t go so well. So, we take it easy in Kyrgyzstan before blasting 2000 miles through Kazakhstan and Russia to the Mongolian border

The Legendary Pamir Mountains

August 9, 2018

We've been dreaming of the Pamirs for years. We were expecting it to be rugged, raw and beautiful... but we weren't expecting one of the toughest rides of our lives

The Other Side of Afghanistan

July 14, 2018

"Afghanistan's dangerous, don't go, what are you thinking?" As we approached the border and saw the heavily armed guards, I wondered if they were right…

The Silk Road, Sand, Seas and Camels

June 26, 2018

Crossing the Caspian Sea to Kazakhstan puts us on the trail of the legendary Silk Road to Tajikistan’s Pamir Mountains. But we have a few more sandy seas to cross first

A Whirlwind in the Caucasus Part 3: Falling in love With Azerbaijan

June 1, 2018

Ancient relics, flaming towers, mud volcanoes, fire worshippers, forgotten villages and the lost world

A Whirlwind in the Caucasus Part 2: The many monasteries of Armenia

May 30, 2018

One motorcycle, four horses, eight feet and a Kia Picanto through Armenia...

A Whirlwind in the Caucasus Part 1: It all started in Georgia

May 29, 2018

5 weeks, 1500 miles, 40 hours of hiking and 3 countries... Welcome to our whirlwind through the Caucasus

Big Balloons and Sad Goodbyes

April 10, 2018

Rock houses, underground cities, hot-air balloons and some of the best hiking in the world! We're going to miss Turkey... so much

The Turkish Coast, Ancient Cities, Old Friends and Quick Sand

March 15, 2018

After months of riding through snow and rain we finally found the Turkish coast, we hugged it tightly… swearing we’d never let go

One Foot in Asia, Our Turkish Family and the Olympians

February 26, 2018

Crossing Istanbul's Bosphorus bridge marked the start of our adventure in Asia

Serbia, Skulls and Skiing

February 10, 2018

Serbia, Skulls and Skiing in the Bulgarian sun... what more could you ask for?

Three Years (Weeks) in Slovakia

February 1, 2018

After a horrific start and a complete bike failure only five days into our RTW trip, we holed up in snowy Slovakia for a long wait

How NOT to Start an adventure

January 17, 2017

Going on the trip of a lifetime is fun - riding through a storm, running out of petrol, being permanently soaked, burning your luggage and snapping your exhaust is not