Bhutan Motorcycle Rentals and Tours

Here’s our recommended motorcycle tour and rental companies for Bhutan.

Bhutan Motorcycle Rental and Tour Companies

Firefox Tours

“We are a small, swift and well established company. We pride ourselves on our bikes, clear and friendly communication and a dedicated service for your motorcycle adventures in Bhutan.”

Services: Half, full or multi day motorcycle rentals. Accommodation, biking guide, mechanic, support vehicle, itinerary planning and customisation and more.

Rental bikes: Royal Enfield Classic 500 & Royal Enfield Himalayan.

Rental prices: Starting from 100 USD for half day with Classic 500 to full day for 150 USD with Himalayan. Significant discounts provided on multi-day trips.

Tour prices: Approximately 250-400 USD per person per night depending on season and number of people in group and tour length. Price includes bike rent, accommodation, meals, guide, support vehicle and Bhutan government permit fees. A range of shorter tours covering just some parts of Bhutan to biking expeditions across the entire country are available.

Insurance: Not included.

Kit availability: Helmet and gloves are included in the rental and tour price. Other gear is subject to availability.

Fact File

Firefox Tours Motorcycle rentals and tours in Bhutan

 Thimphu, Bhutan

  Dawa Dorji Tamang

Whatsapp/telegram/signal: +1 989 244 9610
Voice: +975 17 98 99 28

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