Battling Nerves and Going for it Anyway by Kristina Lindström

Welcome to Thoughts from the Road. Here’s Kristina Lindström on battling your biking nerves and chasing your motorcycle travel dreams anyway…

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By Kristina Lindström

Motorcycle traveller aka krikkosadventures

Kristina Lindström is an experienced traveller and has recently set off on an epic motorcycle ride from Sweden to Nepal. Follow her awesome adventures here:

Instagram: krikkosadventures

YouTube: krikkosadventure

Battling Nerves and Chasing Dreams

How it started

Over the past seven years, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to travel the world with nothing but my trusty backpack exploring South America, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. But it was only during my travels in Vietnam through 2016 that I stumbled upon a discovery that would alter the course of my life. I purchased a motorcycle and left for a two-month adventure through Vietnam and Cambodia. 

This experience ignited a passion for motorcycle travel and was something I couldn’t shake. So, I quickly dedicated my time to getting a motorcycle license as soon as I got home. I finally achieved this hard-earned goal in 2020 and purchased an old motorcycle along with second-hand gear. Eager to go on another adventure, only two weeks after getting my licence I left home to ride from Sweden to Montenegro.

However, fate had other plans and the pandemic brought the trip to an abrupt halt. But the road continued to call my name and a new idea was born – riding from Sweden to Nepal! I had to go for it and left home late 2023 on my motorcycle to fulfil this dream. I hope it helps encourage more women to ride travel, step out of their comfort zones, face new challenges and pursue their dreams. I believe life’s greatest rewards lie just outside our comfort zone.

Fighting the nerves

I understand it can be difficult for anyone to leave on a big motorcycle adventure – especially women. So, here’s my thoughts. If you’re feeling nervous about traveling alone, I totally get it. It can be scary to step into the unknown all by yourself. But let me tell you something – you’ve got this. Don’t let those nerves get in the way of your dreams.

It’s okay to feel a little scared, but trust me, everything’s going to be alright. I believe that when you want something in life, you’ve got to go out and grab it. It’s all about having faith in yourself and the universe.

And hey, as a woman, you’ve got that amazing intuition, right? Listen to your gut – if something doesn’t feel good, it probably isn’t. I’ve travelled solo and it was incredible!

I’ve met so many awesome people and had experiences I’ll never forget. When you’re out there, you’re never really alone. You can choose to be by yourself when you want to, and you can connect with others when you feel like it.

So, if you’re feeling nervous about travelling alone, just know that you’re not alone in feeling that way. But also know that you’re capable of so much more than you might think. Embrace the nerves as part of the journey, and get ready for an adventure that’s going to change you in all the best ways. You’ve got this.

Life on the road

Stay in touch with your loved ones using the many ways we have to communicate. Plan your trip ahead of time to avoid any uncertainty. Consider bringing something from home that makes you feel comfortable. Connect with other travellers for inspiration and support. Take time for reflection and try activities like yoga to stay calm and appreciate your experiences. It’s easy to forget how good things make us feel, so it’s important to remember that and enjoy them. These are just some of the things you can do on the road to help with nerves and feeling good about life.

Personally, I find myself concerned about encountering individuals who don’t resonate with me or who may perceive me as an object rather than a person. While I’ve had such experiences during my trip, I choose to view them as opportunities for learning and growth, and I refuse to dwell on them. After all, similar experiences could occur back in Sweden in my hometown. 

How do I handle it? I simply refuse to let it consume me. I understand that such encounters are a part of life, especially as a woman. Instead, I focus on my goal of traveling from Sweden to Nepal and the wonderful people I have the privilege of meeting every day.

Kristina Lindström

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6 thoughts on “Battling Nerves and Going for it Anyway by Kristina Lindström”

  1. I wish you all the best on this epic advanture, I Will follow along on YouTube and Instagram, save travels and greetings from the Netherlands.
    Jeroen Pothoff

  2. It’s never about nerves, it’s about money – most people don’t have the kind of savings (or parents) where they can go on a permanent holiday without an income!

    • Hmm I don’t agree with you here Amy. It’s never about the nerves? Nerves stop a lot of people from travelling. And it’s not just about money. There’s a lot of people with money who don’t travel. And a lot of people who travel who have had to save and work hard for a very long time to afford their trip and they go and achieve their dreams. And then there’s a lot of people who can’t afford it and they budget really well or stop and work as they go 🙂
      Thanks David

  3. I am Ali from Iraq, from Najaf specifically. I hope to visit you. I will be waiting for you and I will receive you in my home. You are welcome.


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