Barkbusters Handguards Review

“Barkbusters are the best in the business. If you want a proper, exceptionally well-made and tough set of guards then you’ll love Barkbusters.” 

Barkbusters Handguards Review


  • Price: £100 approx.
  • Time tested: 9 years
  • Miles tested: 8,000
  • Testing conditions: Worldwide
  • Functionality: 5/5
  • Durability: 5/5
  • Value for money: 5/5
  • Where to buy UK:
  • Where to buy US:
  • Where to buy EU:


I’ve been using Barkbusters handguards on all my motorcycles for years. They help protect your hands and levers in a crash and also protect your mitts from the wind, rain and cold – making them an important modification for both road and off-road riders as well as long-distance bikers. 

Barkbusters are an Australian company that design and produce exceptionally well-made guards. The last thing you want is to fit a cheap set of hand guards and have them twist around on your hand in a crash. So, I’ve always gone with Barkbusters as they’re well known, respected and offer excellent products.

You can select your motorcycle from a huge list of bikes on their website and find kits specifically made for your bike’s bars for easy fitment. You can then opt for which type of plastic guard you want to attach to the metal backbone dependent on the level of protection you want from the elements.

Barkbusters Handguards Honda CRF300L

What’s good?

Here’s why we love them:

You can find a huge range of mounting kits for any bike. If you have an aftermarket handlebar (we removed the stock CRF300L bar and replaced it with a Pro Taper one for example), then you can contact them to help find a fitment kit for your bar.

We go for the full wrap around kit with two mounting points (one in the bar end and one on the bar itself) for full protection.

The backbone is heat treated and extra tough, so it won’t fail in a drop.

The kits are very easy to fit and install.

You can pick and choose which plastic handguard you want based on colour, size and design.

What’s not?

There’s nothing not to love about Barkbusters. Stock guards and cheap flimsy ones are more dangerous than they are safe. And if they don’t collapse on your hand in an off, they’ll break off anyway so you’ll have to replace them in future. I’ve crashed and dropped bikes on Barkbusters countless times over the years and have never had one break, they’ve protected my hands and levers after years spent travelling the world and I wouldn’t use anything else.


Handguards are an essential addition for any adventure bike. They protect your hands and bike in a crash and also from the elements. Often, bikes will come with flimsy handguards as standard. Why risk your safety (and comfort)? Barkbusters are the best in the business. If you want a proper, exceptionally well-made and tough set of guards then you’ll love Barkbusters.

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