Awesome Motorcycle Christmas Gift Ideas

Welcome to our Christmas Gift Ideas for Motorcycle Riders guide! This article is packed with cool gifts, ideas and experiences for bikers and motorcyclists. You’ll find a range of goodies from budget stocking fillers to big trips and everything in between… Merry Christmas!

The Best Motorcycle Christmas Gift Ideas
Ho ho ho Merry Motorcycle Christmas!


Gift Ideas for Motorcycle Riders

The Christmas holidays are nearly here! Or have just gone, depends on when you’re reading this really? But anyway! If you’re reading this you’re either on the lookout for a motorcycle Christmas gift for your friends, family or loved ones OR you’re treating yourself to some two-wheeled goodies! Either way, you’ve come to the right place…

Here’s an awesome selection of perfect gift ideas for motorcycle riders and bike lovers ranging from stocking fillers to all-out extravagant trips of a lifetime. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Budget Christmas Motorcycle Gift Ideas

Motorcycle travel books

What better way to spend a warm cosy evening this Christmas than with your feet up, a mug of hot chocolate and a good motorcycle travel book! There’s so many incredible tales of adventure out there to choose from so we’ve added a link below to our best books article packed with a selection of our favourites. And, if you’re strapped for time and just want a quick suggestion, here’s our current top pick.

OUR TOP PICK: Lone Rider by Elspeth Beard
READ MORE: The Best Motorcycle Travel Books

Lone Rider is around £8 on Amazon and £4 on Kindle.

Phone mount

The good ol’ paper map used to be king. That all changed with the motorcycle sat-nav and then changed again with smartphones as navigation devices thanks to the simple and handy phone mount. You can quickly and easily plot a route using Google Maps on your phone and fix it to your bars using a simple, no faff bar phone mount. They’re cheap and easy to use and, most importantly, make a great Christmas present! Here’s our current favourite and another article listing the best on the market today if you fancy digging deeper.

OUR TOP PICK: Shape Heart Phone Mount
READ MORE: The Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

Shapeheart Motorcycle Phone Mount Review
Shape Heart's phone mount is around £30.

Mad or Nomad Shop

A bit of shameless plugging here, but we love our gear and know you will too! The Mad or Nomad Shop has t-shirts, hoodies, caps, hats, mugs, bottles, stickers and loads more. There’s a range of designs and colours and they’ll make awesome motorcycle gifts. 


Mad or Nomad Shop
Rocking the Mad or Nomad t-shirt

Stocking fillers

If you’re after a smaller gift, perhaps something you can shove into an oversized sock, then check out this cool selection of motorcycle stocking fillers. All of these items are under £50 and are handy little extras every rider could do with. Click the pic for our recommended examples online.

Neck warmer

Motorcycle neck warmer

Everyone loves a neck warmer – especially during the colder months. 

Ear plugs

Motorcycle ear plugs

Ear plugs help prevent fatigue on long rides – and your older self with thank you.

Disc lock

Motorcycle disc lock

Handy little locks for those who don’t want to lug a chain about. Don’t forget a reminder strap!

Torque adapater

SBV Motorcycle electronic Torque adapter

Never round off a bolt again with this pocket size torque adapter. This one’s perfect for travellers.

Silk balaclava

Motorcycle Silk Balaclava

Silk balaclavas are magic. They keep your helmet clean, are easy to wash and keep you warm.

Waterproof phone case

Motorcycle waterproof phone case

A cheap waterproof phone case is a great idea for winter riders. Pop your phone in and let it rain!

Silk sleeping bag liner

Jag Bags Sleeping bag liner

Jag Bags are awesome. They’re tough, easy to wash, quick to dry and keep your sleeping bag clean.

Merino socks

Motorcycle Merino wool socks

Merino wool wicks moisture and sweat away, is breathable and are an excellent base layer material. 

Kriega wallet

Kriega Wallet

This handy Kriega stash wallet is a great organiser for anyone on longer bike tours or travels.

Rok Straps

Motorcycle Rok Straps

Try Rok Straps once and you’ll never, ever, ever go back to bungee cords. These are a must.

Rocky Creek tyre pump

Rocky Creek Motorcycle tyre pump and inflator

An excellent lightweight stripped back tyre inflator – essential for touring and adventure riders.

Thermal base layer

Motorcycle merino wool base layer

A decent base layer keeps you warm in winter, cool in summer and wicks sweat away. 

Mosko Moto Gnat 

Mosko Moto Gnat Handlebar Bag Review

Okay, this is over the £50 budget, but it’s a brilliantly handy handlebar bag. 

Asahi wrench

Asahi lighttool review

Beautifully made, lightweight, sleek Asahi wrench. It’s a 3/8″ ratchet. 

Tyre and wrench lever

Rolling Mavericks Tyre Lever and Wrench Review

A multifunctional, ultralight and indispensable tool for motorcycle traveller.

Battery charger

Motorcycle Battery charger

No doubt about it – this is a boring gift. But it’s even more boring to have a bike with a dead battery. 

Winter gloves

Motorcycle winter gloves

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want a brand new pair of toasty winter gloves?

Waterproof jacket

Motorcycle waterproof jacket

Throwover waterproof jackets are an excellent first line of defence and wind breaker in winter.

Mid-Range Christmas Motorcycle Gift Ideas


Treat your head this year with a brand new lid. Go on, you know you want to! Plus, if need that little extra push or just need an excuse, then don’t forget that helmet manufacturers recommend you change your helmet every five years.

There’s such a huge array of helmets on the market today from touring, to enduro, adventure, hybrid, flip front and so on. To help out, we have two guides on the best touring and adventure helmets available today and our current favourite listed below. And if you’re trying to decide what type of helmet is best for you, take a look at the helmet section of our How to Choose Your Adventure Riding Gear Guide first.

OUR TOP PICK: Arai Tour X4


Top 10 Best Adventure Bike Helmets 2020 Arai Tour X4
The Arai Tour X4 ranges from £400 - £600 dependent on the colour option.

Heated motorcycle gear

Buying heated motorcycle gear is like buying a warm cosy hug. Heated kit is an excellent investment and even better gift because you’re literally warming the recipient’s heart… nice, huh?

It’s also a great gift idea because there are so many different heated gear options including: heated jackets, vests, trousers, socks, insoles, gloves or even heated grips.

They’re simple and easy to use and  you’ll no longer have to layer up and waddle out to your bike like a sweaty Michelin man. Just plug in, turn up the heat and ride through winter in comfort. Check out our Keis Review and the ‘read more’ guides below for extra info on other heated kit recommendations and winter riding gear.

OUR TOP PICK: Keis Heated Jacket


The Keis Premium heated motorcycle jacket is around £200.

Tool kit 

Now this is a good one. Tools are one of those things you don’t really want to spend money on, but absolutely love once you get a shiny new set. But it’s always worth having a dedicated travel tool kit filled with lightweight, hardy and multi-use tools to get you out of tight spots. This is essential for motorcycle travellers and riders who go on mammoth biking tours. Carrying the basics can easily save you an expensive trip to a garage or having to be towed – especially for simple fixes. The only tricky thing is deciding on what exactly you need. So to help out, we have a packed article explaining how to pack a tool kit complete with a list of essentials. And if you’re after a high-quality kit already made for your specific bike model, then check out our SBV recommendation and review.

OUR TOP PICK: SBV Adventure Motorcycle Tool Kit


SBV Tools Motorcycle Tool Kit Review
The SBV tool kit ranges from around £120 for the basic set to £200 for the Pro Mechanic set. And there are dedicated kits for specific manufacturers too.


A backpack is an essential for many riders – especially commuters and social riders. It’s easy to just stuff your work gear or change of clothes in there, jump on the bike and get going in no time without having to strap extra bags down. I’ve had the same Kriega rucksack since my first European tour 16 years ago and refuse to change it. We reckon this one will make a great Christmas present because they last forever and are probably just about the best quality you can get.

But there’s loads of other luggage options out there if you don’t fancy a rucksack. Check out our luggage guides below for more info.

OUR TOP PICK: Kriega R20 Backpack


Kriega R20 Back Pack Review
The Kriega R20 is around £120. You can go down a size to the R15 or upwards for a larger range of bigger sizes.

Electronic Christmas Motorcycle Gift Ideas

Bluetooth headset

Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets are revolutionary. Yes, that’s probably quite an over-the-top statement, but they are! If you ride in groups or with a pillion and don’t have one yet, then you are missing out. Long gone are the days of sign language, helmet tapping and aggressive pointing, you can just tell your riding buddies that you’re pulling over for a wee instead! They’re easy to use, you can make phone calls, listen to music, connect to your sat-nav, play podcasts and talk to your mates on tours. They’ll make your two-wheeled life easier and are fantastic Christmas presents!

We’re recommending the Interphone Tour 4 here, but there are so many to choose from dependent on your needs and budget, so to help out we’ve narrowed down the very best on the market and put them in one easy to read guide below.

OUR TOP PICK: Interphone Tour 4
READ MORE: The Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets

interphone active motorcycle bluetooth communication and intercom headset
The Interphone Tour 4 is around £130 for the pair. Excellent value if you're looking to ride with a pillion.

Sat nav

Motorcycle Sat navs save so much time. It’s nearly impossible to get lost with one of these navigation devices. They help you plan your trip, find fun squiggly roads on the map, warn of speed cameras and real-time traffic updates, will instantly find hotels, petrol, restaurants and other places along your route and are now near essentials on motorcycle tours. If you’re after a new toy for Christmas, then treat yourself to one of these bad boys.

OUR TOP PICK: Garmin Zumo XT Sat Nav
READ MORE: The 5 Best Motorcycle Sat Navs

garmin sat nav zumo xt
Expect to pay around £350 for the Garmiin Zumo XT. It's a hefty price tag but it's one of the very best out there. You can pick up sat navs for a lot cheaper.

GPS Tracker

What better way to treat a motorcyclist than by protecting their bike? Motorcycle theft is rampant, but it’s now easier (and cheaper) than ever to install a GPS tracker on your bike and safeguard it. Riders are often put off by these devices because of the faff involved with installing them and the expensive subscriptions. So we’re recommending the Monimoto 7 because it’s a game changer – it’s completely wireless and you can easily fit it yourself.

Download the app and register your device. Hide the tracker somewhere on your bike and that’s it (standard AA batteries included and last up to one year). You’ll get a key fob with the pack and when you’re 100 feet away from your bike the setup is armed. If the device detects any movement, Monimoto will immediately call you and send you your bike’s co-ordinates. You can also track your bike via the app and it works internationally too. The subscription is around £34 per year and all done via the app. Easy, quick, no hassle and well priced at £129!

OUR TOP PICK: Monimoto 7 Tracker

The Monimoto 7 is wireless, easy to install yourself, competitively priced and one of the best GPS motorcycle trackers out there.

Motorcycle action camera

A motorcycle video camera is probably one of the best presents you can get yourself! The quality on these little technological wonders has improved drastically over the years and they’re really nowhere near as expensive as they used to be. You can film your rides, upload them to YouTube and most importantly, find out who your real friends are when you try and show them four hours of helmet cam footage of your ride through the Peak District! Here’s our current top pick and a gear guide on camera, video and electronic equipment for bikers.

OUR TOP PICK: Drift Ghost XL Action Camera
READ MORE: The Motorcycle Camera and Video Gear Guide

Motorcycle Drift XL Action Camera
The Drift Ghost XL is priced at around £150. The standard X version has a shorter battery life and is £20 cheaper. There's also the GoPro range to take a look at but you're looking at spending three times more.

Experience Day Christmas Motorcycle Gift Ideas

Off road motorcycle training

Off-road schools and adventure bike training are some of the most fun you can have on two wheels and the perfect thing about it is that there’s something for everyone!

It really doesn’t matter what skill level you are, they’re designed for all riding abilities from beginner to expert and the instructors work to get you the right training so you’re in a comfortable learning environment. That means you can go for one-to-one classes if you don’t want to be in a group and want a more personal approach, or a ladies only class, rally training for the more advanced riders or just a fun day out with your mates! 

You can opt for an enduro bike school or an adventure bike school, or even take your own bike if you want to practice before a big trip.

You’ll learn new skills and be more confident on the rough stuff and it’ll plaster a huge smile across your face. Treat yourself (or someone else with a voucher) and get dirty this Christmas!

READ MORE: The Best Off Road Motorcycle Schools in the UK 

Off Road Motorcycle Training Schools UK
Will he or won't he drop it? (I didn't... honestly). Off-road motorcycle training schools range from £50-£500 dependent on what you want out of them. They're an excellent way to learn new skills from professionals.

Field mechanics course

If you’re planning a big trip, RTW adventure or even a week-long tour, it’s worth knowing how to repair your bike and keep it going while on the road. Not everyone is comfortable with that and it does easily put a lot of people off travelling and that’s completely understandable. So, why not sign up for a motorcycle travel mechanics course where you’ll be taught the basics of preparing, maintaining and fixing your bike while travelling or touring.

You can take your own bike and tool kit or use the instructor’s. You’ll learn loads and feel more confident should you need to work on your bike on a Namibian hard shoulder.

You’ll find a selection of companies who offer mechanics courses on our UK Off-Road Schools page. 

SW Motech Centre Stand
Alissa preparing the puncture repair kit somewhere in Siberia on our way to Japan. A mechanics course will show you the basics and how to fix punctures on your trips. Expect to pay around £200.

Join an organised motorcycle tour

This is the big one! If you really fancy pushing the boat out and treating yourself this year, sign up for an all-inclusive organised motorcycle tour! Here’s why…

It’ll take all the stress, faff and time out of planning an adventure. Professionals, who know their country and routes inside out, will plan and take care of everything from your bike to paperwork, fuel, food, pitstops, hotels, sights and amazing routes. All you have to do is turn up. What more could you want!

We have an entire section dedicated to Motorcycle Rental and Tour Companies with over 100 companies from around the world listed. So check them out if there’s somewhere specific you fancy riding. Open up the link and click a country on the interactive map to see what’s on offer. 

READ MORE: Recommended Motorcycle Rental and Tour Companies

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