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Hi, we’re Andy and Alissa (aka Mad or Nomad) and we’re the authors of this website.  

We started a simple travel blog back in 2018 when we left on our round the world motorcycle ride, just to keep friends and family in the loop. But we soon received emails asking for route info on the countries we travelled through, so we started writing guides on those places, and then our gear, bikes, prep and everything else. The website started to grow and turned into what it is today – a huge, free resource for motorcycle travellers around the world. 

As for us, we’re still travelling and on our indefinite RTW ride. We write as much as we can when we can, but there’s so many topics, subjects and countries to cover, so we’re really lucky to have some incredible people help us out and contribute brilliant guides. You’ll see their author info at the top of their articles and more info on them in the About section at the end. To see all of our contributors and for more info on us, visit the About page. 

Thanks for reading and happy travels!

Andy and Alissa 

Andy Davidson Mad or Nomad
Motorcycle travel Vietnam Ha Giang Loop

Andy and Alissa, our Route and Bikes

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