Australia International Motorcycle Shipping Companies

Motorcycle shipping companies in Australia.

Please contact the companies listed on this page directly for more information.

Australia Motorcycle Rental Company

Bikes Abroad

“Bikes Abroad has been operating for 10 years with more than 50 years of combined freight forwarding and customs clearance experience between the team. We can handle anything and everything but stick to vehicles as this is where our personal passions and expertise lie.”

Business: Niche Freight Forwarder and licenced Customs Broker (in-house). 

Ships to: Internationally. 


  • Air freight
  • Sea freight
  • Customs clearance
  • Warehouse and storage


Bikes Abroad Australia Motorcycle Shipping

 Melbourne, Australia

Brent Thomas

+614 1480 1878

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12 thoughts on “Australia International Motorcycle Shipping Companies”

    • Hi Joao, thanks for your comment. Please contact Brent listed above directly via email and i’m sure he’ll be happy to help!

  1. Hi l want to move my bike to bangkok or singapore from sydney for travel next march or april 2024.
    So i would like to know information, price delivery etc.

    • Hi Jun, please contact the company listed on this page directly via email. Brent’s email and website is listed above and he will be able to advice on shipping to Bangkok or Singapore. If you go to Bangkok, then please also check the Thailand Shipping Companies page and get in touch with those companies directly for quotes on receiving your bike.

  2. Would love to ship my bike from Toronto Canada to Australia to ride for 3 months. Can you help me? What about insurance? Also people I have talked to said that Australia is very sticky on imported bikes. I had an excellent experience shipping my bike to England with Motorcycle Express out of the USA. They did everything including insurance and all the paperwork. Rented bikes in Australia twice but its quite expensive for the amount of time Ill be there

    • Hi Janice, thanks for your comment. Sure, would be happy to help 🙂
      We are literally in the middle of writing a guide on how to ship a motorcycle to Australia! Unfortunately, it’s not finished yet, so i’ll try and answer your questions here instead.

      Firstly, you have two options as you don’t want to rent: 1. Ship your bike / 2. Buy a bike

      Option 1 – Shipping
      Yes, shipping a bike to Australia can be worrisome because of the quarantining. Your bike needs to be immaculate – absolutely spotless and showroom clean. The same goes for whatever gear you send with your bike. Insurance can be sorted over the phone using Skype. More importantly, you will need a Carnet de Passage to ride in Australia.
      I suggest you have a read of this guide Motorcycle Travel Guide: Australia as it explains how to purchase insurance and the carnet and paperwork requirements. It also has a section in there on shipping your bike too.

      Additionally, please contact Brent from Bikes Abroad directly. His information and email are listed on this page and he will help you on the Australian side with clearing customs. I would definitely recommend using him as an agent in Australia.
      Secondly, for shipping from Toronto, please contact Marie, you’ll find her info and email on the Canada Motorcycle Shipping Companies page . Tell both Marie and Brent that Andy from Mad or Nomad sent you and they’ll help you with your shipping requirements and liaise together.

      Option 2 – Buying
      Another option is to simply buy a bike in Australia and sell it when you’re done. How to do this has been explained in the above link for the Motorcycle Travel Guide: Australia. But I understand it’s fun to have your own bike!

      On a separate note. We are within the next two weeks uploaded multiple guides on Australia and especially Tasmania. Make sure you do not miss riding in Tasmania whatever you do!
      I hope this helps,
      All the best,


  3. Hi, I would like to ship my bike from Perth in Western Australia to Phnom Penh Cambodia.
    what are the requirements and costing for delivery to Cambodia please?

  4. I just shipped my BMWGS1200 from Auckland to Sydney by airfreight. About 2000USD all included (including BioRisk/ Quarantine). Although spotless clean, it took 12 days from handover in Auckland to pick-up in Sydney (airfreight!!!!!). 10 days were waiting time in Sydney due to lack of inspection personell. Inspection took less than 1 hour and went smooth

    • Hi Robert,
      Thanks for adding this information to this guide, that’ll be very helpful for anyone going the same way.


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