Acerbis Honda CRF300L 14L Large Fuel Tank Review

“Acerbis is the king of aftermarket large capacity fuel tanks for motorcycles. They’re exceptionally well-made, high-quality, fit seamlessly and work perfectly. They’re a must for long-distance motorcycle travellers.”

Acerbis large fuel tank for for Honda CRF300L


  • Price: £320
  • Time tested: 4 months
  • Miles tested: 8,000 miles
  • Testing conditions: USA and Canada
  • Functionality: 5/5
  • Durability: 5/5
  • Value for money: 5/5
  • Where to buy:
Honda CRF300L Acerbis fuel tank review

Acerbis Large Fuel Tank Review

The stock Honda CRF300L fuel tank is a measly 7.8L. That’s fine for a quick commute or weekend trail ride. But for anything else – and especially for long-distance motorcycle travel, it’s nowhere near enough.

The easiest and most effective way to increase the fuel capacity (especially in our case where we’re using our bikes every day) is to go for a larger fuel tank and Italian brand Acerbis are leaders in aftermarket tanks.

The new Acerbis fuel tank comes in at 14L and can be swapped in place of the OEM tank without having to make any modifications or remove or cut any fairings.

The tank itself is plastic and impact and abrasion resistance and surprisingly narrow.

Changing the tanks over was a simple and easy task. We cleaned out the new tank by swilling petrol around inside to pick up any debris from manufacturing and emptied that into a throwaway container. The fuel pump was unscrewed from the original and reattached to the Acerbis and then it was bolted into place.

Acerbis large fuel tank for for Honda CRF300L

The only other modification we made was to buy Acerbis locking caps (£23.95). These don’t come with the tanks, instead a screw on cap with an affixed breather hose that attaches to the charcoal filter came with it (we have removed our charcoal filters).

The locking caps are already vented, and we went for them so we could lock the caps if needed, but more because we didn’t want a huge breather hose poking out of our tanks. 

We’re now able to get around 450km from a full tank of fuel and when filling can brim them to around 13.8L. If we fill the tanks too much, fuel will pump out of the cap.

Overall, we’re very happy with the increased range of these tanks, how easy they are to fit, how little impact they have on the shape and design of the bike and how subtly they integrate. The huge increase in capacity is well worth the price tag – and a must for long distance travellers.

Honda CRF300L Adventure Bike

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