About Our Round the World Motorcycle Trip

Who are Mad or Nomad and why are you riding round the world? Here’s who we are, what we’re doing and how we’re doing it…

About us

We knew we wanted to travel the world since the first day we met. We tried travelling for months at a time on motorcycles, backpacking, riding, driving and hiking, but it was never enough… 

We wanted to travel the world without an end date and needed to be independent and self-reliant while doing it. That meant backpacks and planes were out. We’ve been riding for over 15 years, love bikes and every motorcycle trip we’ve been on – so taking two wheels was an easy decision. We decided to ride motorcycles round the world without an end date. 

So, on 1st January 2018 we said bye to the jobs, house, friends and family, sold everything we owned, threw one too many bags over a motorbike set off to a disastrous start – but here we are anyway! 

We want to explore, have an adventure, meet new people and discover another way of living. 

Are we Mad or Nomads? We don’t know. But we’re doing it anyway.

Thanks for sticking with us,

Andy and Alissa

Mad or Nomad in Mongolia
Mad or Nomad on Iya Valleys vine bridge
Mad or Nomad Logo
Pillion travel around the world

About the website

We originally started the site back in 2018 as a simple blog to keep our friends and family in the loop of what we’re up to. Plus, we love writing and photography and could use the site as a way to record all of our adventures (mishaps).

But the website quickly transformed. We realised that we really enjoy helping others plan and prepare their own motorcycle adventures too. So, we started producing guides on all the countries we visited and packing them with as much info as we could. And from there it just grew… 

We now produce guides, features, stories and articles on all aspects of motorcycle travel and adventure riding to help people get out there and have their own adventures. 

We decided not to take any sponsorship, we don’t do adverts, we’re completely self-reliant, all the help, guides and advice we provide are free and we don’t ask for anything in return. This means we can be completely honest and ourselves

We just hope you enjoy our blogs and stories and hope all the guides help!

ps. we also setup the Mad or Nomad Community Forum in case something you need isn’t covered on the site. And always feel free to contact us privately if you prefer. 

Here’s a few blogs from our trip…

And here’s a few articles to help you get started with planning your own…