5 Reasons to go Enduro Riding in Portugal 

Portugal is an incredible country for motorcyclists. And it’s seriously special if you’re an enduro rider. If you’re planning an enduro tour, this article explains why Portugal needs to be at the top of your list!

5 Reasons to go Enduro Riding in Portugal


Picture of By José Pedro Leão

By José Pedro Leão

José is a Portugal riding expert, motorcycle tour planner and professional guide.

You are going to love enduro riding in Portugal! From perfect weather to diverse riding grounds and an abundance of cultural delights and natural wonders, Portugal offers a paradise for off-road adventure bikers and enduro riders.

So we put this guide together to show you five awesome reasons to ride an enduro motorcycle in Portugal and also answer some commonly asked questions. See you on the trails! 

5 Reasons to go Enduro Riding in Portugal 

Portugal has the ideal weather for enduro riding

One of the best things about this little coastal paradise is its idyllic weather for most of the year. Portugal’s weather is known to be mild (thanks to the Atlantic Ocean right at the door), which means local riders take to the trails throughout the year.

However, there is of course an ideal time frame if you are planning an enduro holiday and that would be the spring and fall seasons, more precisely March to June and September to November. This is your safest bet if you are truly set on avoiding rainy days and also the opposite – that summer dust that comes with the long absence of rain. 

5 Reasons to go Enduro Riding in Portugal

The best place to ride in Portugal 

This might be your toughest decision when travelling to Portugal. Where to go? We would definitely advise you to explore as much as you can of the country. However, if you’re craving some off-road fun on amazing enduro trails, the North is the place to be!

We recommend flying to Porto and from there you don’t have to travel far. The mountains around Porto and in Viana do Castelo (about 45 minutes away) offer some of the best enduro routes you will find in your lifetime… seriously!

Lousã, a bit more towards the center, is also a great alternative for its natural beauty and challenging trails. 

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Portugal’s enduro terrain diversity

Here’s another one where Portugal has a clear upper hand – it is a small country with a length of only 561km, but within that small territory there’s an immense diversity of terrain for motorcycle enduro enthusiasts.

In Porto you’ll find all sorts of rocky, more technical trails, ideal for riders with some experience who want to push themselves to the limit.

Lousã is home to the best single tracks, but that’s not all you’ll find there… you’ll be going over trees, muddy terrain and much more. And finally, Costa Verde is the most diverse of all, ranging from gravel to rocks, fast or slow tracks amongst epic mountains and stunning river and seaside landscapes. 

5 Reasons to go Enduro Riding in Portugal

Food and culture

Even enduro riders have got to eat! And who doesn’t want to eat well? If there’s one thing apart from riding we’ve got to talk about, it’s Portugal’s incredible food.

From the perfectly baked “pastéis de nata” you can find all over the country, to the creamy “bolas de berlim” (a specialty in Viana do Castelo) and the typical “francesinha” in Porto, there is no shortage of new gastronomic experiences to collect.

Freeride Spirit tours are all-inclusive and will take you to amazing restaurants during and after your riding days. Whether you choose to put your taste buds to the test or play it safe, it’s guaranteed that this will be one of the highlights of your trip. 

But great trails and great food are not all Portugal has to offer! Once again in 2024 it had dozens of nominations for the World Travel Awards. From vibrant cities full of history to natural marvels straight out of a movie (quite literally) and picturesque little towns, you will only be disappointed that you don’t have more time to explore after your days on the bike.

Enduro riding in Portugal will give you a chance to be immersed in charming villages, historical sites and local culture along the way. So, you’re going to love your time here both on and off the bike.

Wildlife and natural wonders on the trails

One of the greatest pleasures of riding on Portuguese enduro trails is that you will be surrounded by amazing scenic views and natural wonders such as beautiful waterfalls and white-sand beaches.

From dense forests to immense fields under open sky, to riding through streams and century old bridges, there will be no shortage of wow-moments on the tracks. You might also get the pleasure of riding alongside wild horses in the hills of Costa Verde and spotting dears and foxes along the trails of Lousã are common.

In Porto, the beautiful Douro river will be your companion as the trails follow its course.

5 Reasons to go Enduro Riding in Portugal

Commonly asked questions on booking an enduro tour in Portugal

Improving your riding skills – enduro for all levels 

We already discussed how Portugal offers a wide range of different terrain for enduro riding, so one more or less obvious take-away is that it is also suitable for all levels of riding.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider looking to hone your skills or a beginner eager to learn the ropes, the northern Portuguese mountain ranges offer a variety of challenges and terrain to suit every skill level, from gentle trails to the most technical sections.

Age is also not a problem either, since the riders you see daily on the trails range from teenagers to riders living their best life after retirement. 

If you decide to go on a guided tour, Freeride Spirit’s experienced tour leaders provide instruction and support, helping you develop your skills and build confidence on the trails so you’ll have the opportunity to push your limits and conquer new challenges, whether you’re looking to improve your skill level or simply enjoy a holiday of off-road riding. 

What about enduro riding gear?

If you are an experienced rider you already know what you need when it’s time to take to the trails: a sturdy helmet and a full body armor, including kneepads, a strong vest, gloves, comfortable pants and protective off-road boots. We also advise all riders to use a pair of goggles to protect them from tree branches that come out of nowhere when you’re flying through the tracks.

It’s also always worth carrying water, preferably in a camelback and using mousses in your tires, so that nothing (especially not a small puncture) can stop your riding fun. 

Whether you’re a first timer feeling a bit overwhelmed by this big checklist or an experienced rider who has all your own equipment ready to go and are just wondering how you’ll fit it all in a suitcase… worry not!

You can easily fit all this gear in your luggage and check it in on your flight. Alternatively, on our tours we provide and include all this gear for each rider.

5 Reasons to go Enduro Riding in Portugal

Can I take my family?

You know the saying “Happiness is only real when shared”? We tend to agree and that’s why we love encouraging families and groups of friends to embark on a memorable journey together!

If you think bringing your family along is not compatible with your eagerness to ride all day through amazing trails and leave the world behind, we assure you that there is a way and it couldn’t be easier.

Portugal is an extremely family-friendly country, as it is very safe, easy to get around and there’s no shortage of things to see and do for kids and grown-ups of all ages. We get the importance of comfort and convenience when travelling with your family, so our hotel and restaurant partners all offer comfortable and practical options for families. While you’re out exploring gnarly tracks and taking in the landscapes, your family has the opportunity to explore in a different way. From Porto’s charming cobblestone streets, historic landmarks and vibrant cultural scene (always including plenty of activities for kids) to Viana do Castelo’s scenic waterfront and Lousã’s enchanted forests. There’s something for everyone – and every taste!

What happens if I get hurt? 

Of course no one wants to think about this part, as when you book a holiday you don’t plan on getting sick or hurt. However, in the same way that you get a yellow fever shot when you travel to some countries in Africa, you should always consider that an injury is a possibility when practicing enduro or other extreme sports, whether in your home country or abroad.

The great news is that in Portugal you don’t have to worry about that at all, as we have both private institutions and a national health system with great conditions for travellers.

In addition, if you join one of our tours, a special insurance is already included, which allows you to go anywhere, from private to public, to get the best care possible and with little inconvenience – avoiding long waiting periods, for instance, whenever possible. 

5 Reasons to go Enduro Riding in Portugal

Trail etiquette and safety

Having a tour guide or at least riding within a group, even if not as part of an organized tour, is probably the most important tip we can give you. We advise against going off to the trails alone.

Some of the places where you’ll ride have little cellphone reception, so a buddy to help you in case you find yourself in trouble is a good idea, as well as keeping to marked tracks.

Having a basic first-aid course under your belt or riding with someone who does is also a big plus, so is carrying a small first aid kit. 

When in a group, always maintain communication with your riding partners, whether via intercom or simply by keeping them in view.  

We adhere to “etiquette” rules to keep our tours safe and fun for everyone. Small things like avoiding stunts anytime you are on a road (save all your wheelies for the tracks) and each rider being responsible for making sure the rider behind him/her is still with us anytime there is a turn. And we also make sure to keep our first-aid knowledge and kits up to date and have a tracker that allows us to find our groups anywhere on the trails. 

5 Reasons to go Enduro Riding in Portugal


I think we can safely say that Portugal’s allure for Enduro riders is undeniable. It’s a destination that promises a memorable holiday for riders of all levels and all tastes. From exploring hidden gems to indulging in mouthwatering cuisine and embracing new experiences on and off the tracks.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to go alone with friends or join one of our organised enduro tours, the whole of Portugal invites you to come and visit our incredible little country and enjoy our epic enduro trails. You are going to absolutely love it!

How to join an enduro tour in Portugal

Freeride Spirit is one of our top recommended motorcycle tour agencies. We have personally been to Portugal and joined tours with them and their service has always been excellent. 

If you’re interested in joining a enduro, we recommend getting in touch with them. 

Check out their website here freeridespirit.pt

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