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The 7th Continent: Motorcycle to Antarctica
Deepak’s lifelong dream was to ride in Antarctica, even if that meant sailing for 3 weeks and 500 miles for a mad polar ride between a Russian and Uruguayan military base!
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Tiffany Coates: Becoming an Adventure Rider
Leaving for India two-up, fully loaded and after a five-day crash course on how to ride… Here’s how Tiffany Coates became one of the world’s most experienced motorcycle travellers.
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The Longest Motorcycle Journey in a Single Country
One year, 50 States, a Guinness World Record and the first solo-female rider to hold it. Here's Danell Lynn's story...
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Trapped by Coronavirus: The Day Motorcycle Travel Came to a Sudden Stop
The stories of 14 motorcycle travellers stuck on the road in a world on lockdown...
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The First British Woman to Motorcycle Round-the-World
Elspeth Beard’s epic 35,000-mile, two-year ride is the stuff of legends. No modern-day technology or support, solo and only 23 years old – here’s Elspeth’s incredible story…
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Sjaak Lucassen, his R1 and the North Pole
To ride an R1 to the North Pole in -40C and over cracking ice you've got to be mad... or be Sjaak. Here's how the Dutchman is preparing for his Polar ride...
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Welcome to the Jungle
To ride the length of the Americas overland in one go, you’ve got to machete your way through one of the most dangerous places on earth first. There’s a reason no-one has done it before. Until now…
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Motorcycling to the Coldest Place on Earth: Part 1
The White Wolf is riding a 30-year-old motorcycle to Oymyakon as it plummets to -50°C. Here’s everything you need to know about his insane Siberian ride…
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Round-the- World on a Royal Enfield
Two years after passing his bike test, Franck has ridden 50,000 miles all over the world on a Bullet, proving anyone can have an adventure on any bike...
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The First Africans to Motorcycle Round-the-World
Dos and Wamuyu Kariuki are the First Africans to motorcycle round-the-world. Here’s their story of preparation and perseverance to achieve their dreams.
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A Proposal, Covid-19, Long Necks and Lockdown. Thailand didn’t exactly go to plan…
From sleepy islands in the south to jagged karst mountains in the north, we fell in love with Laos and everything in between…
Searching for hidden temples buried deep in Cambodian forests on a motorbike is as good as it gets.
Motorcycle Rental and Tour Companies
Planning a Fly and Ride bike adventure? Here’s our pick of top motorcycle rental companies from around the world. Check out the new page, click a country on the map and see what’s on offer!
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