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Pioneers: The First Adventure Motorcycle Travellers
The first adventure motorcycle travellers loaded up their bikes and set off into the unknown over 100 years ago. Here are their incredible stories...
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The Forbidden Kingdom: In search of Lo Manthang
The ancient walled city of Lo Manthang is hidden away in Nepal’s Himalayan mountains. To get there you’ve got to ride the legendary Upper Mustang first…
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The First Indians to Motorcycle Round the World
This incredible story marks the 50 Year Anniversary of the first Indians to motorcycle round the world. In 1972, four friends aboard two Royal Enfields did the impossible...
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Round the World on a Vespa Scooter
Forget about adventure bikes. Stergios and Alexandra have been riding round the world for the last five years, two-up on a 20-year-old Vespa scooter... and are still going!
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The Honda Cub: Small Bikes Big Adventures
The Kiwi on a Cub talks us through his mad adventures on a £320 1989 C90 from Land’s End to Jon o’ Groats, the Elephant Rally, TET and even to Africa!
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The 7th Continent: Motorcycle to Antarctica
Deepak’s dream was to ride in Antarctica, even if that meant sailing for 3 weeks and 500 miles for a mad polar ride between a Russian and Uruguayan military base!
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From sleepy islands in the south to jagged karst mountains in the north, we fell in love with Laos and everything in between…
We found a beautiful balance of culture, stunning scenery and history. But Japan also has a weird side and it’s addictive
Mongolia is madness, a vast emptiness filled with the world’s most lonesome, mind numbing and incredible riding. It’s an adventurer’s playground.

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Motorcycle Rental and Tour Companies
Planning a Fly and Ride bike adventure? Here’s an interactive map listing motorcycle rental and tour companies from around the world. Click a country and see what’s on offer.
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International Motorcycle Shipping Companies
Need to ship your motorcycle abroad? Try out this interactive map for worldwide shipping companies, fixers, customs brokers and ferry services. Click a country to see what’s on offer.
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UK Off Road Motorcycle Training Schools
Here's a selection of the very best adventure bike and off-road motorcycle training schools in the UK. These expertly run schools will improve your riding and better prepare you for adventure motorcycle travel.
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