Mad or Nomad?

We’re Mad or Nomad and we’re all about overland adventure travel and helping you do it too. What’s that mean? Just travelling the earth’s surface by any means necessary! We left the UK on an adventure bike, but will often leave it places to hitch-hike, backpack, drive, sail, walk … and crawl round-the-world. We hope our top travel tips, expert guides, gear reviews and adventures will show you how easy travelling overland can be. See you on the road!

The Ultimate Destination Guides

Our detailed guides are perfect for overlanders and travellers. You’ll find everything you need, including info on top sights, road conditions, visas, things to do, hard earned tips and tricks and so much more…

Afghanistan Guides

Troubled by wars for centuries, Afghanistan is a hard place to visit, but its Wakhan Corridor isn't

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Central Asia

Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan

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Georgia Guides

Georgia is a mecca for backpackers, trekkers, hikers and motorcyclists and home to the stunning Kazbegi region

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Mongolia Guides

Mongolia is an adventurer's paradise. A vast expanse of epic grasslands, incredible deserts and a people who once ruled the world. You can truly lose yourself here like nowhere else on earth

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From our blog

Welcome to the Land of the Rising Sun: Part 2

on March 2, 2019

Five months and nearly 5,000 miles have passed since we first arrived in Japan. Now it's finally time to leave...(for a little bit)

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One Year on the Road

on January 1, 2019

After 20,000 miles, 21 countries and exactly 365 days, we made it from the UK to Japan – just about. Here’s what we figured out after a year on the road…

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Welcome to the Land of the Rising Sun: Part 1

on November 14, 2018

Japan is an intrinsic, beautiful balance of unique culture, stunning scenery and fascinating history... and it's addictive

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Siberian Hell Ride

on September 30, 2018

The week we needed everything to go right - everything went wrong. Racing 4000km across Siberia to catch the ferry to Japan on a strict 10-day Russian transit visa as our bike fell to pieces was hell...

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Check out our travel tips

Check out our expert adventure travel tips for guides on how to travel on the cheap, easy adventure hacks, prepping your motorcycle to ride the world, dealing with corrupt police and loads more…

How To Travel On The Cheap

Travelling on the cheap doesn't mean you have to hunt your own food and live under a bridge. Have the trip you want and still save a mini-fortune with these easy tips

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Top 5 Travel Apps for Overlanders (Free apps)

These five kick-ass free apps will make your travel life so much easier. They're perfect for overlanders and work brilliantly for anyone travelling the world too.

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How to deal with bribes on the road

You’re riding down the road in the middle of nowhere when a policeman jumps out from behind a bush, says you were speeding and demands $100. What do you do?

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The Ultimate Adventure Bike Tool Kit

Dakar Racer, Simon Pavey, once showed me the tool kit he uses on the Dakar Rally... and it's tiny. Here's how to pack your kit like a pro

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Read our travel gear reviews

We've been testing motorcycle kit and travel gear for the last 15 years. With thousands of products tested we thought we'd chuck our favourites in here for you to check out!


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