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Motorcycling Mauritania: The Desert Railway Crossing
Mauritania lies under the Sahara Desert – an endless sand sea of nothingness. Here’s how Lawrence Bransby made it out…
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Sam Manicom: 8 Lessons from 8 Years on the Road
8 Years and 200,000 miles round-the-world on a motorcycle will teach you a thing or two… But here’s 8! Check out Sam's awesome lessons!
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The World’s Longest Scooter and Sidecar Journey
The first people mad enough to circumnavigate the globe on a scooter and sidecar. 34,000 miles, 455 days, 1 World Record and countless breakdowns...
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Kevin and Julia Sanders: World Record Breakers
Kevin and Julia Sanders went from backpacking to holding two Guinness World Records to now running the world’s biggest motorcycle adventure tour company. Here’s their story…
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The 7th Continent: Motorcycle to Antarctica
Deepak’s dream was to ride in Antarctica, even if that meant sailing for 3 weeks and 500 miles for a mad polar ride between a Russian and Uruguayan military base!
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The First Round-the-World Motorcycle Ride
Over 100 years ago, Carl Stearns Clancy became the first person to motorcycle round-the-world. A century on and Geoff Hill recreates Clancy’s incredible ride. Here’s his story…
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Tiffany Coates: Becoming an Adventure Rider
Leaving for India two-up, fully loaded and after a five-day crash course on how to ride… Here’s how Tiffany Coates became one of the world’s most experienced motorcycle travellers.
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The First British Woman to Motorcycle Round-the-World
Elspeth Beard’s epic 35,000-mile, two-year ride is the stuff of legends. No modern-day technology or support, solo and only 23 years old – here’s Elspeth’s incredible story…
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Sjaak Lucassen, his R1 and the North Pole
To ride an R1 to the North Pole in -40C and over cracking ice you've got to be mad... or be Sjaak. Here's how the Dutchman is preparing for his Polar ride...
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Motorcycle Rental and Tour Companies
Planning a Fly and Ride bike adventure? Here’s an interactive map listing motorcycle rental and tour companies from around the world. Click a country and see what’s on offer.
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International Motorcycle Shipping Companies
Need to ship your motorcycle abroad? Try out this interactive map for worldwide shipping companies, fixers, customs brokers and ferry services. Click a country to see what’s on offer.
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